While the United States of America is considered as one of the ‘free states’ that provide you with a lot of freedom, it is also home to several bizarre laws as well. Some of these bizarre laws also include driving laws as well, which tend to take the American people with a surprise.

In this article, we have outlined for you 25 of the weirdest driving laws you will find in the US from the least weird to the weirdest.

  1. Screeching your tires is illegal.
  2. Driving through playgrounds is illegal.
  3. A chicken cannot cross the road, because it is illegal.
  4. You cannot shoot at any wild game in a moving game, except for a whale because it is illegal.
  5. Parking your vehicle in front of a Dunkin Donuts is illegal.
  6. Driving while being blindfolded is illegal.
  7. Leaving mud or any kind of sticky substance from driving a truck on the road is illegal.
  8. Sleeping on the road is illegal.
  9. Putting a bench or chair in the middle of the street is illegal.
  10. You will have to pay a $78 fine if you hit somebody.
  11. You cannot leave your car door open for a longer period than you require.
  12. You cannot honk somebody else’s car because it is illegal.
  13. Women are not allowed to wear housecoats while they are driving.
  14. Driving your car with an unopen beer in it is illegal.
  15. You cannot jump from your car at 65 mph because it is illegal.
  16. You cannot choose to have personalized license plates if you have been convicted of drunk driving even once.
  17. You cannot drive with a gorilla in the back of your car because it is illegal.
  18. Riding a camel on the road is illegal.
  19. Transporting dead poultry on Kansas Avenue is illegal.
  20. You will have to pay the usual fee if you park an elephant at a meter.
  21. Unless there is a man with a lantern on the street, you cannot drive on the road.
  22. You are not allowed to strap a dog to the roof of your car.
  23. Driving a black car on Sundays is not allowed.
  24. You cannot run out of gas because it is illegal.
  25. A dog cannot molest a vehicle because it is illegal.

Did you go through the laws we have listed down for you? We are sure that you must have found them bizarre to the highest degree. However, you may be surprised to know how many people have found them to be convicted or in some sort of trouble due to such laws.

There is no need to worry though. There are law firms available that can help you out in getting out of any kind of weird conviction or trouble relating to driving laws such as the accident attorneys Las Vegas, NV. Till then, drive safe without trouble!

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