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The Top 3 Retreats In The U.S. For Married Christians

Marriage is a wonderful bond between two people willing to put the time and effort into building a life together. But in today’s society, it becomes tougher to stay connected and put faith and family first.

The cost of living requires two to three incomes for many families to make ends meet. The extra time apart, increasing debts and temptations of extramarital affairs are enough to drive your marriage into crisis.

But there’s nothing that God’s love can’t heal. This is why being open to retreats for married Christians is vital to your union. 

Coming together with brothers and sisters of faith may be what you and your spouse need to work out your issues. 

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What are Retreats for Married Christians

Married Christians Retreats offer small gatherings of marriage experts who meet, usually over the weekend, with married couples to help them renew their commitment. Individual counseling, group counseling, and coaching sessions have a Christian focus.

The discussions and activities get intense to uncover the underlying issues each person is handling in their marriage.

The enjoyment and success rate for couples can vary depending on what phase of marriage they are in during the retreat. But making the effort to save your union is definitely worth it.

Here is a short list of the some of the top selections for Christian marriage retreats.

The Marriage Hub Intensives – Hope & Healing

The Marriage Hub is part of the House on the Rock Family Ministries located in Elizabethtown, PA. They offer “marriage relationship coaching” with trained coaches during their most popular 3-day Marriage Hub Intensive weekend. Their Bible-based coaching centers on 10 “vital skills” for becoming the husband or wife God and you want to be.

After the intensive ends, you and your spouse will receive weekly email assignments for 15 weeks. These activities review the information covered during your Marriage Hub Intensive weekend. There is also a monthly online webinar to “touch base.” Plus a private Facebook group for extra support.

But the Marriage Hub has three intensive plans to fit your financial need. The first package is $2,750 per couple. The second package is $3,200 per couple. The third is $6,950 per couple. They even offer financial needs-based scholarships.

So if this sounds like the right retreat for you act fast to secure your spot.

Family Life’s A Weekend to Remember 

Family Life’s a Weekend to Remember is a couples weekend retreat with speakers using Bible-centered discussions to teach you and your spouse different faith-based concepts for improving your marriage.

No one forces you to disclose intimate details to strangers. Instead, couples are guided through activities for married Christians to apply the concepts learned.

Each session is one hour and fifteen minutes long with breaks. But it’s not just marital work and no play. Saturday night is date night for couples to re-connect.

The retreat costs $350 per couple or $175 per person. Hotel reservations are not included. But you can request the discounted rate when booking the reservation if you mention you’re attending the Weekend to Remember. So book your room as early as possible to lock in the discounted rate.

Abiding in the Vine & Blessings of Unity Retreats

The Living Waters retreats are intimate gatherings of married Christians learning to put the Abundant life into their marriage. Through reflection on bible verses, participants learn to handle conflicts, decision-making and listening to God.

Learning to “let the Lord speak his truth into your daily life” is the foundation of these retreats.

Each couple must attend the foundational Abiding in the Vine retreat before attending the Blessings of Unity retreat. 

Both retreats aim to grow your faith but the Blessings of the Unity retreat goes into strengthening our relationship with God and how it helps our daily life and marriage.

Please contact them for pricing and dates of upcoming retreats.

Let Them Help You

Coming together as man and wife is one of the most joyous celebrations of life. But when outside influences begin to ebb away at your matrimonial bliss it may be time to seek help.

Retreats for married Christians are a Godsend and can help you work out your differences while using the teachings of Christ.  If you believe your marriage is in trouble contact a retreat and go.

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