Every year, there are about 17 million new cars sold in this country. There are also about 39 million used cars sold.

Almost all of these cars will work just fine when they’re driven off a dealer’s lot. But every now and then, someone will pull off a lot behind the wheel of a so-called “lemon car.”

A lemon car is a new car or a used car that has fundamental flaws with it before someone even gets the chance to break it in. There is a lemon law in place that’s designed to protect people from having to deal with these kinds of car problems.

Here are several of the top signs that show you might have a lemon car on your hands.

A Lemon Car Might Smell Funny on the Inside

A Lemon Car Might Smell Funny on the Inside

When you’re thinking about buying a new car or used car, you should always take it out for a test drive. When you do, you should pay attention to more than just how it drives.

You should also pay close attention to any funny smells that you might sense. They’re going to indicate that there might be an issue under the hood of a car.

This is typically the No. 1 sign that you’re driving in a lemon car. The strange smells that you’re detecting should not be ignored!

It Might Have Mismatched Paint Colors on the Outside

It Might Have Mismatched Paint Colors on the Outside

In addition to taking a new car or used car out for a test drive when you’re considering buying it, you should also walk around the outside of it and inspect it carefully. If the paint on a car is mismatched at all, this could be another surefire sign that you’re dealing with a lemon car.

Outside of the fact that a car like this won’t look very nice, it could also have some body damage that wasn’t fixed properly. You aren’t going to want to invest in a bad car like this.

It Might Look Like the Second Coming of Frankenstein

Remember Frankenstein? He had all kinds of different parts that were put together to make him come to life.

Lemon cars are a lot like Frankenstein. They’ll have a bunch of different aftermarket parts that have been put into a car to make it go.

These parts are usually not going to last very long. They’re also not going to be covered by any kind of a warranty in most cases. They’ll have you calling a lemon law lawyer for help in no time at all.

The Lemon Law Should Protect Those Who Buy Lemon Cars

The Lemon Law Should Protect Those Who Buy Lemon Cars

Buying a new or used car should be an exciting experience for people. It shouldn’t stress them out and put them in a position where they’ll have to try to get a handle on car problems right away.

If you ever get put into a spot where you have issues with a new or used car, you might have a lemon car. You should contact a lemon law attorney ASAP to help you manage the situation.

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