With so much news happening all the time, it’s important to know you’re getting stories from a reliable source. There are a lot of world news websites out there, which makes it hard to filter out the honest ones from the not-so-honest ones.

Here are some of the most popular and reliable world news websites on the web today.

Google News

Google is not only the king of search engines but of news, too. Google News is a quick way of getting the top world news from your computer or phone, and people love it for its high customizability. You can easily filter in and out sources from across the web to appear in your Google News feed, letting you decide who you want to hear from and what you want to see.

Google News will make recommendations to you based on the news you’re reading, and help you find sources you’ll like every step of the way. If you’re a Google fan, or just a news buff, it’s hard to go wrong with Google News. They’ll keep you informed, even while you’re filling out that printable w2 form online during tax season.

Fox News

It’s important to get different perspectives when looking at the news so you can truly decide your opinion on a story. Fox News is one of the most visited news websites on the web. They offer a more center to right opinion on stories than sites like CNN, who tend to offer a more liberal perspective on certain stories.

You’ll never agree with everything you read on any given world news website, but reading what you disagree with is a good practice that strengthens your filter and allows you to challenge yourself. Who knows, you may even find yourself agreeing with more than you thought!


On the other end of the political spectrum, we have The Huffington Post, now known as HuffPost online. It’s an easy to navigate and constantly updated news website that’ll keep you updated on all the latest breaking news and happenings across the world. It’s also got a ton of opinion pieces, satire, technology, and entertainment pieces to balance it all out.

In contrast to Fox News, Huffington Post is edited to represent a liberal perspective, so mixing the two (or allowing both into your Google News feed) is a great practice, allowing you to have both sides give you their piece.

Picking World News Websites

With cries of “fake news” everywhere today it’s hard to decide who you can trust for your news. But at the end of the day these world news websites are all reporting on the same things. As long as you understand that each website puts their own spin on each story, you can mix up these sources, make your own informed opinion on the news, and keep fully up-to-date.

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