The creation of emojis enabled businesses and people to easily connect through social media since various emoji guide allows them to express emotions and ideas. The main benefit of using emojis is that many of the tech-savvy millennials can easily relate to advertisements given that emojis became part of their mode of communication.

Businesses are now focusing on emoji-based marketing campaigns, given the fact that people are using emojis almost everywhere in social media platforms. Also, companies have to find out why people are so fond of using emojis in their posts, and the reason why they’re using those emojis.

Moreover, emojis comprise of emotion, symbols, and objects that we see in our everyday lives. However, businesses should also keep in mind that not all emojis provide the same meaning as we see, given that emojis became visual slang in the social media world. Thus, for businesses and social media marketers, here is the ultimate emoji guide.


The most common area where people use emojis is in messaging applications such as Messenger, Instagram Direct, Whatsapp, Viber, and the like. The reason why people use emojis in day-to-day conversations through messaging applications is to emphasize their messages by conveying emotion.

Businesses entering the online market have to keep in mind that they need to use the mode of communication of their target audience to attract their attention. Since marketers want to increase their exposure by engaging with the people in social media, marketers have to speak the language in the place where the audience uses emojis.

Moreover, since online users frequently get help from online customer services, inserting emojis in the answer for each question will make it appear more friendly. For instance, whenever a customer seeks help from the business’ page, the chatbot will welcome the customer while inserting a waving hand emoji to make it more welcoming.

Another reason why it’s beneficial to make your chatbots use emojis is to make the chatbot feel more charismatic, fun, friendly, and, more importantly, human. Further, the flow of conversation between the customer and the chatbot can go smoother since the customer won’t feel any awkwardness due to the use of proper emojis.

Social Media Advertisements

Using emojis in social media advertisements helps to catch the attention of your audience, mainly because there are lots of posts appearing in your customer’s newsfeed. Using emojis that relate to the product or services you’re introducing to the audience will help make your content appear of high quality.

Emojis such as the red alarm clock and fire help make your ads appear more urgent or trending. On the other hand, using the red stop sign in your ads will make your audience stop for a moment to read the products and services you’re advertising.

Blog or Written Content

Never use emojis in any blog or written content because it removes the formality and will make the audience feel more uncomfortable. One thing you have to remember is that once you use them in your blog, you will have to be consistent with them to maintain the page style and content format.

Although there are blogs that frequently use emojis in their written content, webmasters believe that it will help make their points more recognizable. Since most of the online users today are tech-savvy, businesses should consider using emojis in written content that is targeted towards them. Thus, helping them understand the content easily.


Another place where you shouldn’t regularly use emojis is in emails unless the person you’re sending an email to is someone close to you. However, using emojis in emails can also make your message look more friendly, especially if the email your sending is about your products and services.

For instance, using a check or cross mark emoji helps your audience to identify which instructions they should follow and should not follow. Another reason why it’s okay to use emojis in email broadcasts is that online users usually don’t read emails. But, by adding emojis to back up your subject line, your email will stand out more.


Social media marketers should know the appropriate context to use emojis, especially if they want to engage the customers’ interest. By allowing chatbots to use emojis, it will enable customers to feel more welcome and comfortable seeking help and asking questions. Using emojis in emails and blogs is also acceptable, but social media marketers have to be consistent with using them to maintain the style and format.

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