Number of job seekers registered in Spain again fell this June because more firms employed people on temporary basis prior to the peak season of summer.

According to official statistics, 4.76M people got registered as being unemployed, 2.6% decrease, when comparing with May.

The labour ministry of Spain said that this drop adjusted non-seasonally was best drop per month that there was on record.Anyway, excluding the temporary hiring in holidays, number of the unemployed people registered actually did rise by about 996 people.

Engracia Hidalgo, state secretary of employment in Spain, said that number of registered unemployment never fell this much in one single month.

Though, it was acknowledged by Ms Hidalgo that there was much work that Spain had in front of it for creating much stable opportunities for employment.

Eurostat, the statistics office of European Commission, said that unemployment rate in Spain was 26.9%for May, which is highest in eurozone.

The unemployment of youth is quite worse with around 56.5% people between 18-25 years of age being unemployed.An unemployed teacher from Madrid said that situation wasn’t optimistic in short term for the youth.

A jobless construction worker, Victor, aged 24, said, “Young people are at a disadvantage. They have made laying us off very cheap. Everything appears to be quite negative.”

Spain is eurozone’s 4th largest economy and has witnessed its unemployment rate to rise in each quarter since the mid-2011 while it struggles for recovering from collapse in the property sector when it was booming.

In the previous month, Fitch, the agency of credit rating, said that it expected the unemployment rate of Spain to increase early in the next year, to be 28.5%.

Also, the government of Spain is somewhat more optimistic, speculating that the rate would ease to around 26.7% in 2014 and then drop further back in 2015 to 25%.

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