The internet is a wonderful place which offers us so many great opportunities. It allows us to stay in touch with people from all over the world and access more information than ever.

But it’s not always a good place. Fake accounts keep sprouting up on social media at an alarming rate and they may be malicious. In fact, Facebook admitted that they host over 270 million fake accounts.

These accounts have the potential to steal your identity and harm your reputation. But how can you spot a fake profile? Read on to find out.

Number of Followers

One way to spot a fake profile, or identidades falsas, on social media is by looking at the number of friends they have. Not only this but look at that versus how many people they interact with online.

If they have hundreds or even thousands of followers but never talk with them, that’s a sign of a fake. They may have thousands of followers but very few likes on photos or posts.

Real accounts will have much more interaction on the things they post. Keep an eye out for the ones that don’t do this.

Lack of Activity

Ever had an account follow you that never posts much but has lots of followers? That’s a sign of a fake.

People use social media to post things about their lives or things they’re interested in. Real accounts earn their followers with frequent posts and activity, only fakes don’t.

Does an account follow you with more followers than a social media influencer but few posts? Block them.

Too Much Engagement

On the flip side of the previous point, another sign of a fake account is too much engagement. This means their posts get hundreds or thousands of likes/comments within minutes. As a whole, Instagram gets 8500 likes per second, but that’s rare for a single profile.

Only paid bots interact as quick as that, and these are often used to boost the engagement of a paid profile. This is because they try to imitate a real account by getting a lot of engagement, but it’s all fake.

Don’t let them fool you. Real accounts take a little longer to accumulate such engagement. Plus, you can bet many of these comments are impersonal and have nothing to do with the actual photo or post. 

Spammy Posts

An easy way to tell an account is a fake is by looking at their posts. They might post a cliche photo of a good looking person, but then post spam photos of products.

It may be a mix of the same kinds of images or posts, or they may be too diverse to make sense. They might also have a mix of professional and amateur-looking pictures.

These are tell-tale signs of a fake account. If one tries to interact with you, block them and forget about them.

They Send Weird Messages

One thing to be wary of is when a new follower or friend sends you strange messages. They may declare their love and attraction for you within minutes of following.

They will live thousands of miles away and may speak with improper grammar and spelling. Fake accounts like this want to get to you personally and may have very malicious intentions.

Don’t waste time on these kinds of messages. All you need to do is block, ignore and move on.

Don’t Let Another Fake Profile Bother You Again

There are millions of fake profiles online and at some point or another, you will encounter one. They aren’t worth the hassle and even if they never interact with you, they aren’t worth dealing with. Make sure to block them and don’t interact with them at all, and you’ll be fine.

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