You have almost certainly heard that today more and more people are choosing an online career – the pandemic has greatly affected all the people around, and humanity has learned that it is not necessary to be physically present in the same place for a good income and that a huge amount of work is now on the Internet. It’s all about freelancers, but besides them, there is also a huge blogging industry, which can also bring a good and stable income. For example, on Youtube, there is a huge community of people who shoot videos in a variety of genres and thereby earn a good living for themselves – thanks to the Youtube affiliate program and thanks to cooperation with brands (they order advertising from such bloggers) and with other influencers.


Most likely, you think that the only way of monetizing content and make good money on Youtube is to sign a contract with YouTube so that the platform provides you with promotional videos at the beginning and in the middle of the video, and pays you money for the number of views of these videos. Yes, it works really well, but this is not the main and not the main way that money is made on YouTube today. The cooperation of large, medium, and small brands and companies with YouTube bloggers who make native advertising integrations for them in their videos is much more widespread. This is a whole industry that brings a lot of income to bloggers themselves and companies that cooperate with them on a daily basis. Everything is based on the audience of bloggers and on their ability to build a trusting connection with their audience.

Youtube monetization

But how to start making money on it? If you are a beginner, do not despair – even the smallest channels can find offers for cooperation, you just need to get your first hundreds of subscribers and you can start looking for these very offers. But how if you have absolutely no blogger friends on YouTube who could recommend you to their viewers and share their audience with you? In fact, this has not been necessary for a long time now: in order to feel comfortable, you can buy YouTube views or subscribers and thus give your channel a good boost that will make it visible in the eyes of companies that want to order advertising.

What does acquiring views mean for your videos? Can it hurt them, or will everything be fine, even if you buy several tens of thousands of views at once? In fact, everything depends entirely on your goals and on the size of your channel. If you have several thousand views on each video, everything will be fine; but if you are completely new, we would strongly recommend that you refrain from such large purchases. Your main task is to make the promotion as natural as possible as if nothing is happening at all. If the plays arrive on your channel in small portions, then they will look normal and natural. This is exactly what you need to strive for.

Youtube subscriber

In addition, you need to buy real YouTube views. Otherwise, you will just spend money in the void – views from bots and fakes do not bring absolutely any benefit and can only harm your account. If you don’t want to endanger it (and attract attention from tech support), we recommend that you double-check what and from whom you are buying. Real views will help you a lot, but fake ones will only harm you – everything is simple here, and it is hard to get confused.

The most important thing to remember is that a paid service can never guarantee you quick success. That is, success lies not only in the purchase of this service – but in your efforts to post high-quality and interesting content, interact with the audience, and many other things that may seem too complicated and time-consuming at first. But in fact, blogging on social networks becomes akin to breathing when you get used to doing it every day. By the way, in the case of Youtube, we also strongly recommend that you develop other pages on other social networks along the way, since it will be important for advertisers to see that you have a fully formed image that is displayed on several platforms at once.

I hope these tips will help you in monetizing content on YouTube. If you want to learn more tips, visit our blog.

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