Apple sold about 43 million smartwatches in 2020. It is the leader in wearable technology and accounts for almost $14 billion in revenues. The watch’s popularity is due to its large display, durability, quick charging, and health and wellness features.

Besides, there are a variety of bands that you can pick from to give you some panache. A glitter apple watch band would look stylish and trendy. To get some extra cash for your watch, you can also use the services of a reputed centre that recycle apple products.

Personalization is key to boosting sales, and while Apple offers some level of personalization, you can go way beyond by choosing accessories like a glitter watch band for your watch.

If you are keen to buy an Apple watch band, here are some aspects to consider.

1. Your Wrist Size

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Not all Apple watch bands are made alike. They vary in length and width. Narrow bands are ideal for slender wrists, while broader bands are great for people with thick wrists. Similarly, the size of your wrist where you wrap matters as straps may be big or small.

2. Apple Watch Size

The size of your Apple watch depends on the model and year. The series 7 is about 45mm, while the series 5 is 44mm, and the series 3 is 42mm. Pick the watch band depending on the size of the watch. Ensuring that the band size matches the watch size is critical.

3. Band Materials

Watch Bands are available in many types of materials. You can pick from leather, metal, nylon, silicone, ceramic, and carbon fiber. As more people buy Apple watches, the race for differentiation becomes challenging to compete in. Thanks to a vast choice of brands outside the apple store, you can find a band that matches your personality.

4. Band Design

Band Design

You are spoiled for choice as you can pick from an extensive range of belts. You can opt for plain straps, braided ones, or studded with stones. A glitter Apple watch band is ideal for those aiming for a funky look. A beaded band suits girls as it gives a bracelet kind of look, a leather band studded with rhinestones is great for a formal evening out.

5. Band Color

After you decide on the material, you need to pick a color. Most sellers will offer several color options in a particular design.

6. Band Length

The length is the part of the band that wraps around your wrist. While adjustable straps are designed to fit all wrists, solo loop bands are made to fit one-size wrists. They offer different size options so that you can pick the one that suits you perfectly. The concern with non-adjustable bands is that no one else can use them. If you are fussy about anyone using your stuff, you should opt for non-adjustable bands.

7. Return Policy

While ordering an apple watch band is easy, you may not like it once it arrives. Therefore, it is best to check the return policy before requesting one. You do not want to be stuck with a band that you do not like.

Return Policy


The race for personalization has resulted in sellers coming up with a large variety of watch bands. Take your pick from a glitter Apple watch band to a ceramic one and everything in between.

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