If the thought of becoming a bodyguard appeals to you, there are a number of things to consider prior to making a firm decision. In fact, although it may sound as though the career path for this is relatively straightforward, it may surprise you to learn some of the following things. Continue reading for things we feel you ought to know before committing to becoming a bodyguard.


It takes a certain level of education to become a professional bodyguard. Most employers will expect a high school diploma as a minimum, with some expecting a bachelor’s degree in a subject such as criminal justice or political science. Additionally, many people expect their bodyguards to also hold a full clean driving license to use as part of the job. As well as standard driving, sometimes, defensive and evasive driving tactics may need to be used.


In order to gain your personal bodyguard license, you will need to expect a rigorous series of background checks to ensure that you are suitable for this type of employment. Additionally, regular drug tests will also be carried out. Classroom training is usually a must too. For certification, you will need to prove your suitability through experience gained and education as well as an in-depth examination.

Qualities and Skills

To be a successful bodyguard, it is imperative to have a keen eye for detail, be punctual, hardworking and possess the ability to think on your feet. Every assignment will entail something different and as such you will need to be a quick learner. Furthermore, it is an assumption that all bodyguards will have a good level of fitness and maintain that. After all, if the person you are guarding needs you and you are not quick enough to run to protect them, your role there is pretty much pointless. A deep knowledge of firearms is also vital. Appropriate equipment such as a Condor plate carrier and a range of weapons will be expected. When you play with firearms, you need body armor. It’s essential to protect yourself first. The Best body armors are available at Safe Life Defense’s website.


As mentioned above, all bodyguards must possess a good level of fitness. Fitness tests may be used to deem your suitability for the role. If you are unsure what you need to do to prepare yourself for a change of career, seek advice from a qualified personal trainer with plenty of testimonials. In fact, usually, you will be able to find someone who has trained another bodyguard in your local area, showing an understanding of the things the job entails and therefore on which areas to focus. A mixture of strength and cardio fitness is imperative.


As with any job where you are paid to put yourself in danger, there are things you need to consider with regard to those risks. For example, if you have young family, you will need to think about whether this way of earning money is the best way to provide for them. Although the role may pay well and help you to provide the ideal home, your presence in your family is likely more important than money. Even for those without a family of their own, knowing that your life is at risk every time you work, and for some even when you are off duty, is an enormous commitment.

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