Financing a deal is one of the primary steps that you need to undertake before you can purchase a new property. Thus shopping around for that perfect mortgage option is ideal for a homeowner-to-be.

Now there are certain common mistakes that you must avoid while looking for a mortgage option. In this article, our experts have compiled a list of essential tips that you must consider before going for the mortgage.

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The low-interest mortgage is not always the best

You should never make the mistake of choosing a mortgage based on the low-interest rates on offer. You can get the mortgage rates reduced by adding upfront discount pricing or the adjustable rates that never makes great sense as a financial decision in the long run.

The APR is never telling you the full story

Annual Percentage Rate or the APR deals with some of the inadequacies of mortgage interest rates by factoring the up-front fees along with the future rate adjustments. But the fact of the matter is that the APR has limited value when it comes to how quickly the mortgage principle can be paid down. There are no focused future rates, and all the future rates along with the payment adjustments are based on the current index-rates.

Be wary of the low payments

Mortgage payments are taken into account with respect to the affordability. But if you are relying on the payment alone to make a choice it can have disastrous consequences in the long run. Monthly payments are manipulated to enhance the affordability of the mortgage. These include the extension of the term, adding the up-front costs and adding the adjustable rate features. All of these can affect your wealth negatively.

Consider time as an investment

You have to take into account the period of how long you are going to use the particular property. Mortgage interest rates are directly related to time. Longer time fixed rate loans will have a high-interest rate. Make sure you are not involved in a 30-year fixed loan when you are going to use a property for 5 years.

Financial closing hurts in the long run

Lenders might dismiss the up-front costs of a mortgage by adding the costs to the principal loan amount. When financing the closing costs, you will be paying for the closing costs with the equity. The interest charges will add up to the amount and you will end up paying double or triple the initial price. Do not make this mistake, ever.

Long term mortgages cost more

If you are selecting a long-term mortgage, you are choosing to pay a higher interest charge over the life of the loan amount. Short term mortgages may have a higher payment, but it reduces the principal amount better compared to the long-term mortgages.

Keep in mind these considerations before you go for the mortgage options for the purchase of a new property.

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