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This Season’s Trending Jewelry

With Fall right around the corner, you won’t want to get caught in the dark regarding this season’s latest fashion trends. From statement earrings to asymmetry, this Autumn’s trends sport more than a little variety and offer a unique take on traditional jewelry. Be sure to check out the Catholic gift store at for inspirational ideas. Keep reading to learn more about this season’s trending jewelry and what you’ll need to stay in the loop.

Statement Earrings 

Statement earrings are coming back in a big way; from dangling diamond-studded tassels to feather-inspired looks, statement earrings offer something unique to people of all styles. You can pretty much find a statement earring to go with any outfit. 

The purpose of the statement earring is to…well, make a statement. These earrings are usually quite unique in their designs and offer a step away from traditional jewelry styles. If you’re looking to show off your personal style in a unique way, statement earrings are what you need to make it happen. 

You can find statement earrings of all shapes and sizes online. Etsy is a good provider of statement earrings, as most of the site’s products are hand-made by artisans all over the world. Nothing makes a statement like a hand-crafted statement earring! You can also opt into an earring subscription box to get incredible designs delivered straight to your door every month. 


Rhinestones are making a comeback this season with some pretty impressive designs. Rhinestone-studded jewels look absolutely fabulous; bringing a new level of style and class to whatever outfit you’re working with. Whether you’re sporting a pair of rhinestone earrings or a rhinestone-studded choker, you’re certain to capture some well-earned attention with this stylish and sleek addition to your fashion regimen. 

Rhinestone is a diamond look-alike usually made from acrylic or crystal glass; giving it that diamond-like shimmer without the price tag that comes with diamonds. If you’re looking for an attractive and affordable alternative to diamonds, you’ll want to add some rhinestone jewelry into your wardrobe. 

The amazing thing about rhinestones is that they can pretty much be added to just about anything; from leather to precious metals and beyond. Versatile, attractive, and affordable, rhinestones are the perfect cheap alternative for those looking to add a diamond-esque look to their collection. 

Pinky Rings

Larger rings have been in-style for a few months now, and the large pinky ring is becoming a staple for Fall fashion. A statement pinky ring made of gold and accented with a large white pearl can turn heads and give your hands some attention as well. Why save it all for the ears and neck? 

Pinky rings are a casual or formal addition to any outfit, depending on the type of metal used and how you plan to wear it with your outfit. Statement rings are usually “chunky”, meaning they lack the fine lines of traditional jewelry and instead opt for a more noticeable shape. 

This look was seen in Valentino’s F/W 19 Collection this year, and In combination with petite handbags and matching accessories, these less-than-subtle statement rings have our heads turning. 


Brooches are essentially large pins that fit on the outside of a jacket or a blouse, and they’re coming back in style this Fall. Gucci introduced some of its own brooches in Alessandro Michele’s 2019 collection, and they look pretty incredible. From gold ear-shaped brooches with cabochon stones to the double G brooch, Gucci has a brooch look for every style. 

Don’t underestimate the power of an attractive brooch to bring out the best features of an outfit. Match your brooch with your earrings or other accessories, and you’ll find a unique and stunning look that is sure to warrant some curious looks. While it’s been a while since brooches have gained any real popularity, Gucci is bringing them back with its pin and fashion brooches collection


One of this year’s hottest jewelry trends is asymmetry. Only sporting one earring or even two mismatched earrings seems to be a favorite among the more daring fashionistas out there. The misconception that everything has to match in order to be beautiful is smashed wide open with this unique look for 2019. 

Don’t go into Fall worried about symmetry; let your earrings be mismatched, or only wear one instead of two. You’ll come off as daring, stylish, and incredibly classy all at once, especially if your accessories are the perfect accent for your outfit. 

Even the hottest runway shows have recently featured asymmetry in their collections; such as Altuzarra’s latest runway show in Paris. Sporting a single gold earring, the show’s model sported a look that was both stunning and stylish without adding too many accessories. 


Seasons come and go, as do fashion trends. Luckily, we’ve put together this great list of the season’s trending jewelry fashion statements so you can choose the look(s) that work best for you. With these trends you’ll always be in style; and with such styles as asymmetry and statement earrings, you’ll certainly stand out in a crowd as the fashionista in the room.

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