We like to smoke, but we don’t like the attention of people around us with judging eyes. We can’t exactly take our bong or bubblers out with us. They are big in size and require some time and effort to assemble. That’s why there are only good for smoking at home. This is a problem for those of us who have to travel a lot or spend most of the time outside the house. This article has not one but three solutions to this problem. What you need is a way to smoke anywhere without having to get other’s attention. Here are three smoking accessories you can take anywhere with you. 


Vaporizers are more commonly referred to as Vapes and its use is called Vaping. It’s a smoking device that vaporizes the stuff so its user can inhale it. It comes in many different designs, sizes, and forms. Most commonly used vapes are the same size as a cigarette, which makes it portable. It doesn’t need any prior cleaning or assembling to use it. 

Its ability to vaporize the substance without using heat is one of its most liked qualities. The smoke without heat is purer and less harmful to the lungs and throat. It uses a battery to stimulate smoke. It creates a lot of smoke and provides just as good of an experience as any other smoking approach. 

Glass Blunts

A glass blunt is also about the same size as a cigarette and easy to carry. It’s made of a durable glass usually with a twister inside it. It’s not electronic, but works almost the same way as a vape. Glass blunts are discreet and easily fit in the pocket. They come in many different colorful designs, making them more attractive to the user.

They don’t use any paper or a wrap which makes it easy and quick to prepare it. You only have to put the material in the glass tube, put twister inside, and close it. There is plenty of space in the tube for your substance which allows you to share it with friends as it lasts longer. With glass blunts, you don’t have to worry about cleaning it or the ash. 

It is made of very strong material, so you don’t have to change it every day. Moreover, it’s also cheap and last even a lifetime if you don’t lose it. You can buy glass blunts from the most trusted online smoke shop, Grass City, at a lower price and higher quality. 

Smoking Pipe

The pipe is an old school and classy way of smoking. It’s been around for centuries before any bongs or vapes came to existence. A great thing about the smoking pipe is that no one will judge you even if you smoke it in public. It, in fact, looks cool even in 2019. A pipe is easy to carry and offers a great smoking experience to its user, but it isn’t as simple as it looks. It looks like an ordinary piece of wood from outside, but there is a science inside it. It has properly aligned parts with metal filters to make it one of the best ways to smoke.

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