Plumbing is a very delicate, versatile job – a plumber has to be able to install pipes, check drains, offer advice, waterproof your house and many more things. These are all incredibly important tasks to a homeowner, which is why you should find the best person to do the work for you.

The key things to look for in any plumber before you hire them are their reliability, professionalism and their experience in plumbing. Experience matters because of the complexity and importance of plumbing and you should therefore find a 24/7 plumber who will satisfy all these qualities to get your work well done.

Repairs can be very costly and it is for this reason that most people want to hire a plumber they trust. Before you hastily hire the first plumber you see in the Yellow Pages (those still exist, right?) you should learn about the following hallmarks of a great plumber. 


It is very easy to tell whether a plumber is professional, since you just need to read reviews concerning their by people they have previously served. He or she should be able to express the complex concepts in layman’s language and also explain to you why they are using a particular method to repair or maintain your plumbing. Professionals are usually clear and detailed on a matter such as the cost of materials, labour and other expenses such as overtime costs since they are conversant with the plumbing market from their past experience. 


Experience matters because there are things that, unfortunately, they can’t teach you in a plumbing apprenticeship course, things that require the kind of knowledge and creativity accrued over many years, which allow experienced plumbers to take complex and more serious repairs and services.

The kinds of repairs a plumber with 10 years’ experience can handle are often too complex for a plumber who is only a few months old in the practice. You should choose a plumber who has more experience, as well as a great reputation over the years. If they don’t prominently display their number of years in the industry somewhere on their website, just ask them – experienced plumbers are usually very upfront with their tenure.


In addition to professionalism and experience, a good plumber should be one who you can count on, someone who’s available when you need him/her, since plumbing emergencies can happen at any time. He or she should be a 24/7 plumber, customer-centric and be able to offer services within a reasonable timeframe, since delays may cause further damages to your property.

If he or she is not readily available, they should send their assistant to provide the services for the customer. You should make sure you choose a reliable local plumbing company if you want the job done in a timely, well-priced fashion, without the hassle of reschedules and revisions to the cost.

Whether it’s recommending the right water softener system for your home, recommendations on water filters and water pressure changes, having a plumber you can trust and rely on can be a lifesaver.

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