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We share the success stories of popular creators in our TikTok Talents section and today we want to tell you about one of the most popular authors from Russia, Alexander Shkunov, aka @clexxd.

Having started filming game content, Alexander did not think that he would soon become famous not only in Russia and the CIS but also abroad: @clexxd videos attract viewers from the USA, Brazil, and many European countries. Alexander shoots reviews for one of the most popular games in the world – Minecraft, which allows him to speak the same language with millions of its fans. Today we will try to find out how short game videos helped an ordinary guy from Novosibirsk to become one of the top game creators in the world and collect 7.5 million subscribers in just a year.

Journey Of A World Famous Game Blogger

How did you get started on your TikTok career?

I installed TikTok right after buying my phone, but at first, I just didn’t log into it. Then I wondered what was going on in it, and I decided to take a look. I saw a lot of simple (in terms of creating) videos, with a lot of likes and views, and I wanted to try to shoot something of my own. I liked the effect of the first videos, new people started subscribing to me – and off we go!

@clexxdminecraft vs reality 5 #майнкрафт #minecraft #марткрафт #animals @capuche_man♬ оригинальный звук – clexxd

What attracted you to TikTok? What do you see as the key advantages of the platform?

TikTok attracted me because it can get a lot of views and become popular relatively quickly. One of its main advantages is a unique recommendation algorithm that offers you videos according to your interests.

How has TikTok affected your life?

TikTok first became my occupation during the quarantine and filled it with creativity, and now it has just become part of my hobbies besides playing games and watching videos. Of course, initially, I did not expect that such popularity would fall on me (at the time of the interview, @clexxd had almost 8 million subscribers from all over the world – ed.), And I was pleased to receive comments from viewers around the world. During the #Best of2020 New Year broadcast on TikTok, I was named the main game blogger, and not by someone, but by the guys from Dream Team House! That was really cool.

And, of course, I made new friends in the gaming community in Russia – in addition to me, game content is filmed by many more talented authors.

What or who is your inspiration? What motivates you to keep going and create new content on TikTok?

I have several sources of inspiration: pleasant comments and the number of views of my videos, the desire to work for myself, the success of other people, the path traveled, the result achieved, and, of course, rivalry with other authors – the competition is very motivating!

What is your secret to success? Share the strategy that led you to success on TikTok.

I think what helped me in the first place was perseverance, constant work on improving the content, analytics, and work on bugs.

Why Minecraft?

Recently, it started to develop very quickly, there were many new updates, and the game hooked me again. I wanted to shoot some memes, and I thought that Minecraft is the perfect game for shooting anything, as long as there is fantasy.

How would you describe the gaming community on TikTok?

It is different. As in any community, there are heroes and antiheroes, but basically, all are cool. Although the content of someone may be somewhat similar, still everyone has their own vibe, each clings to something different.

What is the value of TikTok for someone who loves to watch video game content?

On the platform, you can find a lot of useful and new things about your favorite games, you can find interesting authors, and the format of short videos allows you not to waste time and quickly get the information you need.

What is your most memorable TikTok video?

In fact, there are many of them – I spend a lot of time on almost all the videos.

These types of videos, in my opinion, are brilliant, but, perhaps, not everyone understands.

@clexxdкак вам идея?how do you like the idea? 🤔/#minecraft #майнкрафт #тиктокиграет #майнкрафтприколы♬ SugarCrash! – ElyOtto

Recently, I started making useful content with life hacks and reviews, and I was glad when the audience responded well to this format:

  • I talked about the slowest speed in Minecraft
  • About the highest jump
  • And about the longest jump

What creators do you follow on TikTok? Who do you recommend subscribing to from your content category?

First of all, I recommend subscribing to me 🙂 In general, there are many good authors in our community. My favorites are probably @wicsur, @ tati.tochka, and @vizthebuilder. Well, our community account, of course: @tiktok_gaming_russia.

From other categories, I like the unusual facts account @ iln04, porcelain master @verafarfor, and news from Stas Davydov @orangebrains

What would you recommend for newcomers to TikTok?

Don’t give up, find your content and your niche, work all the time to improve its quality, and try to be original! Be sure, your content will be viral with the online service for getting views.