You expect your loved ones to receive the best possible treatment when you move them into a nursing home abuse in Watertown, New York. But what if that doesn’t happen? What will you do if it’s the worst-case scenario that occurs instead?

Causing harm or taking advantage of an elderly individual may seem inconceivable, but truth be told, it happens. And it actually happens more than you think. Our society has nursing home abuse as one of its most common issues. Of course, your loved ones who are already suffering from old age are vulnerable targets to predators.

Below Are Five Signs You Should To Hire A Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Looking for anything out of the usual is the best step you can take to protect a loved one. However, abuse takes many forms, and it’s going to be a problem. On top of that, manipulating a patient for them to stay quiet is sometimes being practiced by nursing home staff members as well.

You need to immediately speak with a nursing home abuse lawyer if you suspect that practices of abuses are taking place. People in Watertown, NY can visit this page to learn more about hiring a elder abuse in nursing homes attorney.

Nursing Home Abuse
Elder Abuse in Nursing Homes

Unsanitary Conditions Or Bad Hygiene

Basic hygiene for your elderly loved one should be one of the priorities of nursing home staff. That includes changing diapers, getting dressed, brushing teeth, cutting fingernails, brushing hair, and bathing. The easiest sign to spot that your loved one suffers from neglect is bad hygiene.

It can be normal that your elderly may have untrimmed fingernails and messy hair once you visit them, especially since nursing home staff attend to many patients. Discuss these things with the staff and don’t take away the possibility of it being only a minor misunderstanding due to a lack of training.

Nursing Home Abuse Causes

However, if you notice that these issues frequently occur even after bringing them up to the elder abuse in nursing homes authorities, it could be a different story, and you should start looking at the possibility of neglect.

Also, don’t forget to check the living conditions inside the nursing home to see if they’re suitable to your elderly and the other patients in the facility. The nursing home should promote a safe and clean environment. If other residents in the nursing home have bad hygiene, and the facility itself is dirty, this means that the nursing home staff is neglecting their duty of cleaning the entire facility.

Weight Loss Due To Starvation

While it’s true that old age brings serious conditions such as loss of appetite and weight loss, they can also result from abuse. Check the weight of your loved one every time you visit them in the facility. Try to find out if meals are regularly served to residents, too. Ask your elderly about it if they’re able to speak.

Nursing Home Abuse Cases

If other residents of the nursing home also look dehydrated and starving, chances are they aren’t being provided with nutritious sustenance or meal. If that’s the case, don’t hesitate to call an attorney and report the facility.

Physical Abuse

nursing home abuse
Physical Abuse in Nursing Homes

Ask your loved one about any signs of injury that you notice in them. The nursing home should also explain it. Take action if ever you feel that there’s something wrong or being hidden from you.

Physical Abuse in Nursing

It’s essential to note that physical abuse in nursing homes take many forms. They may result from the unnecessary force being applied to the patient or even from restraining them. It’s inexcusable regardless of the reason behind it. Signs of physical abuse include burns, broken bones, bruises or scrapes, and restraint signs on wrists or ankles.

Those patients in a nursing home who are unable to communicate effectively or are mentally disabled are the ones at higher risk. If you can’t get a straightforward answer after noticing any of the signs mentioned above, then it’s maybe time to contact a nursing abuse lawyer.

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse does take place in nursing homes neglect and abuse facts, no matter how hard to imagine it. These cases usually happen when the elderly patient gets forced to sexual contact against their will. Again, those patients who are unable to fight back or can’t verbalize the abuse because of being mentally disabled are the ones who are most vulnerable.

Sudden Problems

When walking or even only trying to stand, as well as injuries or bruises within the vicinity of private areas, are some of the sexual abuse warning signs that the victim may show. The contraction of STD or sexually transmitted diseases is also another sign that your loved one has been a sexual abuse victim. The elderly may also have been sexually abused if he/she suddenly acts tense or frightened around one particular staff member.

Don’t hesitate to ask assistance from an elder abuse in nursing homes lawyer when you notice the signs above.

Final Thoughts

The signs above can be obvious to the relatives of the elderly in a nursing home. Another sign that’s harder to detect, though, is psychological abuse. It takes the form of intentional humiliation, verbal threats, intimidation, harassment, or frightening the patient on purpose.

Relationship issues with the other patients, fear of a particular staff member, isolation, anxiety, and depression are the warning signs that an elderly have experienced psychological abuse. If you notice this problem, together with the four other signs above, take legal action.

But, when is the right time to hire a lawyer for seniors or elder abuse in nursing homes? Then you may read our law archive.

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