Nearly 10 million people in the United States have invested in one or more timeshare properties.

Timeshares give people the opportunity to have a home away from home, with fewer commitments.

If you enjoy taking an annual vacation, you can likely save costs by getting a timeshare in the area.

Continue reading to discover factors about timeshare vacation packages you need to consider!

Open Availability

The Advantages of Timeshare

One of the first things to consider when you’re comparing timeshare vacation packages is their availability.

If you already have some destinations in mind, you may want to speak with an agent to find what’s available. Highly populated tourist areas typically have the least options, so it helps to look for up-and-coming vacation spots.

The timeshare association’s availability is critical since they may only have openings when the kids are in school and you have to work.

Your Costs & Payment Timeline

If you’re interested in buying a timeshare, you need to compare the costs and payment schedule.

You can view the Hilton grand vacations fee schedule to find the best options. Most associations will have you pay initial fees for obtaining your spot. Each year, you’ll make payments on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Setting a budget for timeshare vacation packages will ensure you can afford your home every year. Depending on the location, you may qualify for promotions and discounts if you sign a long-term contract.

Timeshare Location

What Is A Timeshare

Although timeshares are typically located in beautiful environments, the location matters.

If the timeshare is more remote than others, you could miss out on vacation time due to traveling. It helps to find a timeshare in a community where you can make friends and absorb the culture. Look for destinations that are near airports or freeways so nothing is holding you back.

When you have kids attending the trips, you should find somewhere with activities for children. Some timeshare locations are directed more toward adults.

The climate in Your Timeshare Community

There are a few reasons to consider the climate your timeshare will be in.

Not only do you want to experience pleasant weather on your trip, but you don’t want your investment to be at risk. Many timeshares are located in coastal towns that are at risk of flooding and hurricanes. Try to find a climate you’ll be comfortable in so that you aren’t trying to sell off your designated week each year.

Will You Have a Deed?

Ready To Buy A Timeshare

If you want to get the benefits of timeshare vacation purchases, you will want to obtain a deed.

Non-deed timeshare members sign a contract, but don’t have any ownership over the property. Timeshare associations own properties for enhanced management and less stress on the customers. If you want to own the property, don’t sign a contract without a deed.

Are Timeshare Vacation Packages Right for You?

Getting a timeshare can bring you and your family together annually.

The factors mentioned above can help you find the most affordable timeshare vacation packages. When you consider the environment and climate, you can locate a destination that’s perfect for your family. Don’t be afraid to explore somewhere new, especially if you aren’t tied down to a deed.

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