Finding out someone has already published your ideas does not mean they are not yours. It simply means you have to carefully represent them in a way that is unique to you. In some cases, you might fall afoul of accidental plagiarism if you don’t conduct a comprehensive study on the topic you intend to write about.

This article contains tips on how to write my essay without it being flagged as plagiarized work.

Tips To Avoid Plagiarism

Cite Properly

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Citation is essential to writing, especially in recurrent subjects or topics. Citing ideas or phrases that are not yours gives you credibility and generally improves your writing skills.

Academic writing accepts different citation and formatting styles. If the lecturer does not specify a formatting style, choose the one you are familiar with.

You can also use citation tools or do my papers with services such as DoMyEssay, with such tools or professional help, you can rid your work of any form of plagiarism.

Use Quotations

When you write essays, use quotations to relay someone’s ideas verbatim. You can also use quotes for verses from Holy Books and other sources.

A direct quote must also contain the source for your readers to know its original owner. It must have your source’s title, page number, and author.

Paraphrase Properly

Paraphrasing means interpreting another person’s thoughts or facts with your own words without altering their meaning. However, if done without proper attribution, rephrasing might turn into plagiarism.

The trick is to do so without altering the actual concept and meaning. Don’t use words or phrases similar to the source while rephrasing and formatting your text. And most importantly, remember to cite the primary and secondary sources of your ideas.

Do Your Research

Before writing on a topic or subject, you should conduct extensive research to gather as much information as possible from multiple sources. Carefully review other works on the topic to ensure your ideas have not been published.

Conducting an extensive study helps you envision your ideas and figure out how to construct them into coherent thoughts. And during your research, you may come across ideas that improve your argument.

Write Your Own Ideas

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When you write my essay, consider what original insight or idea you can bring to the topic. Don’t be afraid to share your own thoughts, especially in personal essays.

You can reach out to your professors or senior colleagues with questions or reservations you may have about the topic. Discuss your concerns with them to help broaden your understanding.

Use Plagiarism Checkers

Plagiarism checkers are online tools that you can use to write my essay. These tools ensure your paper is authentic by cross-referencing it against an index of websites and publications. If there are portions that seem to be lifted verbatim from other sources, the software will flag them.

Some online plagiarism checkers highlight the problematic portions of the page and provide links to the plagiarized source of the content. And they are perfect for students because they are free of charge.

4 Reasons To Avoid Plagiarism

Since we have established how to write my essays without plagiarizing, here are four reasons to avoid copying people’s work.

To Build Your Credibility

When you submit or publish unique essays, it gives your work extra credibility and bolsters your reputation. Besides, writing plagiarism-free articles is an indicator of your knowledge of the subject, while citing your sources shows that you are familiar with peer-reviewed literature.

Legal Punishment

Plagiarism is a punishable offense by law. The original author holds the right to file a lawsuit against you. In some cases, you can pay serious fines for copying other people’s work. If we talk about school, you can ruin your grades and reputation or even get expelled.

Instead of blatantly copying someone’s work, you should better ask an expert writer to write my essay cheap. This way, you’ll avoid any potential punishments.

To Save Your Career

The consequences of plagiarism may follow you after school and throughout your whole career. Not only are you likely to lose your job or be demoted, but it will also be difficult for you to find another reputable job.

Depending on the degree of offense, your name and reputation could be tarnished, which would make finding a good position impossible. Many career politicians have lost their jobs due to plagiarism.

To Improve Your Writing Skills

When you plagiarize, you are denying yourself the chance to improve your writing because you are looking for the easy way out. Plagiarism limits your research skill and ability to create fresh content for your school, websites, or even blogs.

Instead of banking on cheap tricks, trust the power of your thoughts and words when you write my essays.


Plagiarism is a career killer for students and professionals, and you must avoid it at all costs. If you want to quote someone’s idea in your paper, always make sure to give them proper credit. To produce unique essays, follow the tips from this article.

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