Having a successful conference is not something that can be achieved without any effort, since its success is achieved by means of preparation and to keep in mind a series of technical points and techniques that need a great help. It is also very important what some experts of Thinking Heads recommend everyone to consider and is the way in which the message will be transmitted and the duration of the conference. 

That is why this time we will talk about the preparation process and the exercises that you must take into account in order to prepare properly to be able to offer a successful conference.

Tips and exercises to give a good conference

Objectives for your preparation

1. To be able to offer interesting content, well worked and adapted to the public.

2. The content must be presented within a very clear outline in which the public can easily learn about the subject being treated, while having an entertaining and enjoyable time.

3. An absolute mastery of the content and of the instruments that will be used (physical space, images, gestures, words, etc.) must be shown in order to adequately transmit the knowledge during the conference.

These are the three main objectives that you must take into account when preparing for a conference.

Steps to follow to give a good conference

1. First of all, it must be very clear what the objective of the conference is. That is, why is the conference being held? What are the knowledge you want to give to other people?

2. You always have to make sure to check that the audiovisual systems and other components that you will use in your conference are in good condition and work as expected. This is the best way to avoid unforeseen events during the conference.

3. Many experts recommend making a script indicating the order you will have to follow to talk about the different topics you are going to address. These are very useful for you to always keep in mind at what point of the conference you are and at no time you feel lost.

4. As I mentioned earlier, the duration of your conference is very important. It is recommended that they are not very long and that they last less than an hour. To ensure that you can cover your entire conference in less than an hour, practice it multiple times at home or in your office and, if it is too long, make sure to cut out what is not really relevant.

5. The language with which you express yourself during the conference should always be appropriate, and this is very important in order to provide a good conference. Remember to do everything possible to avoid interruptions, either by a doubt of the public (which should always be left to the end) or by forgetfulness.

6. Body language is also extremely important within conferences, which should always show a communicative attitude and predisposition. To achieve this, we must always maintain visual contact with the public, as this is very helpful in showing confidence and security in the discourse that is taking place. It is also recommended to use all the available space to move, making the conference more dynamic.

7. At the end there should always be a round of questions and answers, so that the public has the possibility to resolve some of the possible doubts they may have after the conference. 

That’s why you should be prepared for any possible question they may ask you. Keeping these points in mind, you should not have any problem or trouble to be able to hold a successful conference for everybody.

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