A trade show is the kind of investment where loads of money is being put in. That is why, every business, big or small, needs to make sure that they get the most of it. Some of the new participants think that being successful on the day of the convention is good enough. Unfortunately, it is not. Sometimes, you have to go beyond and before proactive afterwards.

Follow-up campaigns are common especially after a trade show success. This is basically what you do after a trade show’s success. It involves a series of steps that is geared towards the improvement of a brand or towards more sales by impressing new customers even more.

Unfortunately, not everyone is as successful. Shows where you rented, trade show stands in Dusseldorf, and follow-up campaigns are different, and that lies the problem, but it can be easier, if you keep in mind the following tips.


When designing a campaign for your follow-up after a successful trade show, ensure that the campaign is ready to launch as soon as you start. However, the e-mails should be professional, and the responses to queries should be prompt. Customers sometimes do not have the time to wait for replies, especially if there are other options available in the market.

In addition, these e-mails should be done soon after, otherwise, your brand might be drowned in a sea of similar products or services.


Follow-up campaigns should not be solely focused on catching up or reminders. It should be geared towards getting sales or deals done. That is why, if you are doing a follow-up on leads, offering a range of choices for their benefit should be included in the e-mail. This gives them the opportunity to engage your brand, and possibly encourage loyalty, and this is a value that is indispensable in the market.

If not, you can get to know them better through surveys and offer them what they would like to be offered with. Every lead is different. You should remember that.  


Do not reuse the same follow-up e-mail after every trade show. Make it fresh every time, otherwise, it will be ignored by potential leads wasting the effort and success you planned out for at least a year.

Additionally, do not think that they would not know. Some leads, especially potential partners, knows a recycled material when they see one.


When constructing your follow-up e-mail, always use an active voice. Call them to action. For example, instead of “to learn more” encourage them to download copies of your brochure. People tend to respond to this more. In fact, majority hates brands who are passive-aggressive. Besides, engaging them proactively makes them feel important.Just like the trade show, subtle details like these is what makes any campaign successful. If you fail to follow-up on potential leads, the success you had during the trade show becomes a waste, and that is why you should put as much effort into the follow-up to complete a successful show.

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