The possibility that music festivals will return soon is sure to get many people excited to start enjoying live music again. Music isn’t the same without the buzzing crowd, the food stands, and the blaring speakers.

It doesn’t take much to know that music festivals are an experience all on their own. When planned correctly, any music festival can become a collection of some of your best memories.

If you’re planning on attending a multi-day concert, make sure you know how to prepare so you can have the best day, weekend, or week of your life. Not every part of a music festival is glamorous.

These concert tips will help you understand what could be ahead, and how to make the experience into everything you’re hoping it will be.

1. How to Prepare

How to Prepare

If you fail to prepare for a music festival, you could spend those days searching for your rogue friends, throwing up in a portable outhouse, or even having your wallet stolen. But that does not have to be your reality.

Before you even decide what time to get to the venue, make sure you know how you’re going to get there. Paying for parking every day might be ridiculously expensive, and cabs or ride-shares might be too overwhelmed with ride requests.

If you don’t have a reliable driver to drop you off and pick you up, make sure you know what form of transportation you’re going to use. This is especially important for getting home safe after each festival day.

It will also be helpful to make a schedule of which performers you want to see and wherein the venue they’ll be performing at what time. If you’re headed to the festival with friends, share your schedules with each other.

Arguably one of the most critical things to plan for is a meeting spot. You might want to wait until you get to the venue, but you should agree on a location to meet at the end of the day or if anyone gets lost from the group.

2. What to Bring

Many festivals will have limits on what kind of bags you can bring into the venue. If the festival you’re attending has these kinds of restrictions, you’re going to have to plan your supplies carefully.

When planning your outfit, consider one with lots of pockets so you can store your phone, your ID (if you’re over 21), and any cash or cards you want to bring in. You might also want to consider a portable phone charger just in case.

For some of the other essentials to remember, check out this guide on what to bring to a music festival.

3. How to Budget

Some people swear by bringing only cash to concerts and musical festivals. Other people prefer to travel light with one or two credit cards. Whether you bring cash or cards as a form of payment, make sure you know how much you’re spending.

Especially once you and your friends start drinking, your budget could go out the window and you’ll find yourself staring at a long bill in the morning.

Determine how much money you want to spend on food, drinks, and any souvenirs like T-Shirts. Then, add a little extra for any emergencies that might happen.

4. What to Wear

First and foremost for any long trip, including music festivals, you want to be dressed comfortably. You’re going to be standing, dancing, and probably sitting on the ground all day long for multiple days.

The next considerations after comfort could be factors like dressing to fit the venue or to match the vibe of your favorite artists. If you decide to invest in a new outfit for the event, the options are virtually endless.

If you are a huge fan of any specific artist that you are going to watch, you can follow how they dress too. Artists like Kanye, Lil Nas X, and Drake has a huge fan following and their fan often likes to follow them as their fashion icons. So, you can try to follow something like that.

5. What to Do

In between the dancing and the singing (or screaming), you’ll want to make sure you’re sustaining your energy. All of that movement and mental stimulation can take a lot out of you, so eating and staying hydrated is imperative.

Many music festivals offer hydrating stations where you can fill up a water pack or bottle. Visit this station multiple times throughout the day, especially if it’s hot and sunny and you’re sweating.

A commonly known fact for any music festival is that the bathroom situation is usually horrendous. If you want to use the portable toilets, make sure to use them at the beginning of the day when they’ve been cleaned.

6. How to Recover

How to Recover

The days following the music festival are also important to plan. You’re likely going from being on your feet all day and losing your voice to sitting behind a desk for eight hours.

Even if you have to take a day off, use it to rest your body and let it recover from the huge energy output from the festival. Then, you’ll be able to get back on your feet quicker and return to your everyday responsibilities, as boring as they may be.

7. Embrace the Chaos

The beauty of music festivals is that they are concentrated within just a few days. It will be chaotic and unpredictable, but it will also be inexplicably fun. Embrace whatever happens.

If for some reason you decide music festivals are not for you, you don’t have to worry because it will be over in a few days. If music festivals are a crucial part of your existence, then there is always another music festival to plan for.

Absorb all those moments walking through the crowds with your friends and watching your favorite artists perform because there are not many feelings much like it.

Enjoy the Music Festival

Enjoy the Music Festival

If you take these tips into account when planning your epic music festival weekend, you’re bound to have a great time. Enjoy the memories, and remember to take care of yourself along the way.

By the time it’s over, you’ll be looking for the next big festival so you can make some more memories.

Or, if you’re looking to plan another kind of adventure, head to our page to find the inspiration you’ve been searching for.

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