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3 Tips for Choosing a Well Water Service

Are you thinking about adding a groundwater well to your property or repairing an existing one? You’re in good company.

Research shows that more than 15 million households in the United States depend on wells for their drinking water — and for good reason. Groundwater wells remain among the most practical and valuable assets for any home or business. That’s because they continuously produce clean and safe water to keep your family or workers healthy.

The question is, how do you choose the right well water service to install a new well or fix a malfunctioning one?

Here are three tips for selecting the right well water service.

Let’s dig in!

Variety of Services

As you search for a well service, make sure that your chosen water company is equipped to perform a wide variety of services.

These services should include the following:

  • New well drilling
  • Pump retrieval for recovering a submerged pump
  • Well decommissioning due to a groundwater quality threat
  • Well increasing for boosting water flow
  • Well pump repair
  • Well replacement
  • Replacement of a well pressure tank
  • Transitioning from a well to newly available city water

In addition, the company you select should have no problem with customizing their services to suit your unique situation and needs. The service should be personalized based on factors like your water consumption and the size of your family.

Also, if you are seeking to add or repair a well on a commercial property, make sure that your chosen company has experience in this area. Commercial properties that may benefit from a well service range from farms to golf courses and sport fields.

Service Around the Clock

Be sure to choose a well service that also provides 24/7 emergency service. This is important because your well pump could break down at any time, posing an inconvenience to your family or business.

An around-the-clock service can help you to remedy a malfunctioning well pump as soon as possible so that you can have clean water sooner.

Positive Reviews

Finally, look for a well service that has earned positive online reviews. For instance, your chosen company should ideally have grade-A reviews on sites like HomeAdvisor, the Better Business Bureau, Facebook, and Angie’s List.

Glowing reviews point to a company that consistently puts their customers’ needs first and uses the highest-quality industry products and methods every time.

Choose a Competent Well Water Service with Confidence Today

Having access to your own clean water is a major perk of having a groundwater well on your property. However, if you want to avoid running out of water, choosing a competent well water service to drill or repair a well for you is a must.

Consider the above-listed tips for choosing the right well water company this spring. With the right company’s help, you can continue to enjoy the essential commodity of fresh water on your property for years to come.

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