7 Useful Tips for Earning Money for Searching the Web

The internet is opening up all sorts of possibilities when it comes to entrepreneurship and remote working.

Today, earning money online doesn’t only mean making some extra bucks. For most people, finding ways to earn money searching the web means they can escape their stressful jobs and spend more time with their family.

Even if you’re happy with your job, you must be spending considerable time surfing the internet, right? Why not earn some money and make that time productive?

Here are some useful tips you can use to earn money searching the web

Earn Through Market Research and Surveys

You, as a consumer, practically run the global market with your likes, dislikes, and opinions. Even though it might seem insignificant to you, brands and advertising agencies value your opinions and shape their branding strategies based on consumer habits.

You can help these market research agencies in exchange for some cash on survey and market research sites. Here, you’ll need to complete surveys, participate in polls, or give an insight into your shopping experiences.

However, surveys are not restricted to market research. If you sign up for a survey site, they will allow you to take surveys depending on your profession, location, and expertise.

This way, you can earn money searching the web and completing minor tasks.

Give Out Referrals and Reviews

Have you recently bought a product that you absolutely love? Or have you tried a nearby restaurant and your experience was fantastic?

If you’re a person who likes to criticize everything they use or experience extensively, you will do great as a professional reviewer.

There’s a tremendous online audience for honest reviews and referrals. You can even get hired online by companies and websites which can pay you to sell their products.

Besides products and services, you can review and refer websites and apps to your friends. Some apps have amazing referral programs that let you share links with your friends. In return, you get paid for every person who downloads it.

Conduct Online Searches

Did you know that Google processes over 3.5 billion searches each day? If you think you contribute considerably to this number, you can get paid for your searches on any search engine.

All you have to do is download apps and add-ons that monitor your activity through your browser. After that, you can continue searching on the web as you usually would. For every link you click on, you can earn money from the app.

You can also earn money for searching the web from other search engines besides Google. These include Bing and Yahoo, and even popular shopping sites like eBay and Amazon.

Watch What You’re Watching

It’s easy to waste your time online by watching pointless videos. However, if you watch specific content generated by websites and apps that are willing to pay for your time, you can earn some cash while you’re at it.

These videos can be anything from exciting stories, animations, and even advertisements. You can get paid as much as $1 for watching a video, depending on its length.

On some platforms, you can also give your reviews and comments about the video to earn some more.

Play Specific Games

If you’re a gamer, you’ll know that this hobby doesn’t come cheap. You need money to pay for features and premium versions in your favorite games.

Now, you can even earn some cash by playing even more games. Although it sounds impossible, it’s not.

Popular gaming sites and apps with minor tasks allow you to play games that are on trial mode. This helps the games get more popularity, which benefits the creators, or lets them figure out whether players like it or not.

This information is valuable to the creators; it helps them improve their products.

For every hour you spend playing these games, you can earn some extra cash to pay for your favorite mainstream games. A great example of this is with InboxDollars.

Download Cashback Apps

Another way to earn money for searching the web is by downloading certain cashback apps.

While mainstream cashback apps help you avail deals on your everyday purchases and save money, some apps give you the money for free.

Hard to believe? Once you download these add-ons on your browser, they’ll register every search you conduct and every product you purchase.

Each app and website has its own criteria.  Depending on that, you can get cashback in the form of online credit, points, and even gift cards.

Go for Data Entry Jobs

Data entry jobs are available on websites and apps that cater to internet crowdsourcing programs. These programs allow people to complete small tasks for companies that are too busy to do it themselves and pay them for it.

These quick tasks can range from typing, listing, and searching to form filling and research. Most of the time, they don’t require any thinking or analysis, so you can complete them while browsing the web or doing your own work simultaneously.

Final Words

Concluding this list, we’d say that earning money while searching the web costs downright nothing. Yes, you do have to invest your time, but most of the tasks don’t involve any hard work. Some are even entertaining.

However, there’s one thing you should remember while browsing the web for money. When something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

So, whenever you download a new cashback app or take up a task for a website, make sure it’s completely legit and worth your time. Stay safe and keep surfing.

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