In some parts of the world, wet weather golf isn’t an issue but if you are in the UK or sometimes in the USA, depending on where you live, it is definitely something you will encounter at some point.  While there’s nothing that says you have to play in the rain, there is also plenty of gear and tips available to make it simpler. So following from our last post, How to Pick the Perfect Golf Attire. Here are some of the best tips for when the wet meets the Golf Course.

Rainy day golfing gear

Preparing your golf kit for potential rain is something that you should do most days because we all know the weather is somewhat unpredictable.  No matter how sunny that forecast is, there’s always rain around somewhere, and it can easily head your way.

Tips For Handling Wet Weather On The Golf Course

Get the right waterproofs

Perhaps the most important thing when it comes to wet weather play is the right waterproofs.  Galvin Green is one of the best brands for waterproof jackets and trousers. (See online retailer here).   Their products stand out because they are waterproof, not showerproof or rainproof.  This is the highest level of protection and will ensure that your clothes repel the water while still remaining breathable and comfortable.  They may be expensive to buy but there’s a good chance they will last your whole golfing career.

Make sure other gear is waterproof

Things like your golf bag and shoes may also be waterproof from the way they were made.  But not everything is, and you don’t want wet feet or wet clubs. Look to see if your gear is waterproof and if not, there are things to do to help them.  Trolley covers can cover your golf bag and ensure that the rain doesn’t get in. There’s no trick to waterproof shoes but an upgrade may be needed if yours let the water in.

Carry plenty of spares

There are some items you will always carry but when it is wet, make sure you carry spares.  Gloves are one example while towels are another. An extra scorecard and even a bigger supply of golf balls can all help to deal with the wet weather.  Also, pop a small plastic bag in your pocket and keep things like your gloves in it when not being used as this stops them getting wet while being taken on or off.

Tips For Handling Wet Weather On The Golf Course

Have wet weather accessories

After the waterproofs, the other key wet weather accessories will be things like a rainproof hat, a golfing umbrella and even waterproof grip gloves.  A golfing umbrella is lightweight and easy to carry but also very sturdy with vents to let the wind through and stop it turning inside-out. A rainproof hat protects your head but also stops rain obscuring your vision.  And rain grip gloves will ensure your grip is solid.

Rainy day play tips

Having the right gear is one part of preparing for a rainy day on the course.  The other is to adjust how you play and what to expect on the course when the weather isn’t great.

Keep your clubs covered

Keeping both the grip and clubface dry is very important so protecting the clubs at all times should be a key consideration.  With a waterproof bag, they are covered when in the bag but try to keep them covered more than normal.  

Avoid taking a divot where possible

Because there is so much water around on the grass, taking a divot can drench your clubhead and this is something to avoid where possible.  Aim to make your swing as shallow as possible so there’s little divot involved as possible. That will mean less water between your club and the ball.

Change how you handle sand 

The presence of rain will change all areas of the course, some more than others.  One that golfers dread is wet sand but there are ways to handle it.  Close the face and slow down your tempo so that the ball doesn’t fly as far.  Also, remember shots from wet sand tend to leave the face and go further than normal so adjust accordingly.

Change your expectations

We all go out on the course with ambitions and ideas of the score we want.  But when it is raining, you need to change your expectations and be realistic for the conditions.  Even the top professionals find their game is affected when it is wet and if there’s wind as well, it can have a huge impact.  Mentally prepare for this to avoid disappointment.

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