Have you noticed that you can’t see through the inside of your car anymore?

There’s a good chance you have a bunch of dirt and grime built up inside your car. The soles of our shoes carry around a range of disgusting and harmful microbes that could get trapped in our cars and make them unsafe places to spend time.

Fortunately, keeping a clean car doesn’t have to be that difficult. We want to share our top tips for keeping your vehicle spotless!

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1. Use Containers

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Containers come in various sizes and materials, including plastic, mesh, and fabric. Place small items such as USB cables, sunglasses, coins, sanitizers, and wipes in easy-to-identify and reachable small containers. Place items such as umbrellas and extra sweaters in larger containers that you can store in the trunk.

2. Deep Cleaning

A car requires more effort than just running it through a carwash. Deep cleaning a car is a great way to restore the paint and make it shine. You can click here for more information if you want your vehicle to be deep cleaned.

A product like a polishing compound can be applied to the car exterior and wiped off after working it in with a rag. It should be done at least once a year and can help vehicle maintenance and increase its value.

3. Use Air Fresheners

How to keep your car clean

Using air fresheners to clean a vehicle is an easy way to ensure it smells its best. Start by choosing an air freshener that fits your car’s size. Next, hang the freshener out of sight, such as on the rearview mirror or the hanger behind the seat.

It is also essential to regularly check to ensure the freshener is not too close to windows or vents, as this could reduce airflow and make your car smell like the air freshener itself. Once the air freshener is in place, replace it regularly to ensure your car stays fresh and smelling.

4. Don’t Eat Inside

To start, always throw away your trash from takeout or any snacks you have. Put your reusable water bottle in the cup holder or on the floor. If you have any spills, make sure to clean them up immediately.

Bring a bag to keep your snack in, like a reusable mesh bag or something that won’t stain the car. Try to avoid eating food that requires unwrapping.

5. Vacuum Daily

keep clean your car

Begin by vacuuming the floor mats, seats, crevices, and other small areas where dirt and debris accumulate. When cleaning the seats, sweep downwards from the top since dirt and debris naturally fall. Aim the vacuum nozzle at fabric seats and seats with holes to get dirt and debris, and loosen the dirt and debris before vacuuming them up.

Have a Clean Car Today

Keeping a clean car is within reach with just a few dedicated minutes each week! Start organizing your vehicle with personalized containers, clean it from time to time, keep it smelling fresh with air fresheners, don’t eat in your car, and vacuum regularly for the best results. There is no time to wait. It’s time to get your car organized and clean!

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