Planning an event, particularly a ticketed event can feel daunting. Even if you have the best of intentions, things can go awry.

From too few guests showing up to last-minute hiccups, numerous reasons can conspire to make your event lack the guest participation or hype you envisioned. That being said, there are ways to counteract these influences.

Today, we’re sharing some of the best strategies to use when planning a ticketed event. Keep reading to learn more!

1. Start With a Great Venue

Choosing a great venue

Choosing a great venue can make a huge difference in the success of any ticketed event. When picking a venue, your priority should always be convenience and availability.

You should find a place that is close to public transportation, easy to find and has ample parking options for your guests. Make sure that you choose a venue that has enough space for your guests.

It must be equipped with the amenities you’ll need for the event. Be sure to vet the reputation of the venue management so you can be assured of their professional service.

2. Create a Buzz Before Your Event

You can host a pre-event launch or kick-off party to create buzz about your event. Set up a website and social media accounts, such as a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and an Instagram account, to inform people about your ticketed event.

Publish posters and flyers around the city about your event to attract people and invite them to join. You can even offer discounts or free tickets to popular influencers so that they can post about it.

3. Utilizing Special Promotions for Excitement

promote your event

Think of creative ways to promote your event and incentives that may entice attendees to buy tickets. Consider offering promotions such as two-for-one tickets, discounts for groups, or prize awards for event promotion.

Additionally, incorporating destination attractions or cultural experiences into your event promotion might make your event memorable. Giving away special early bird discounts and even incentives for those who purchase large groups of tickets could be an effective way of creating excitement.

4. Crafting an Arrival With Impact

You should not just begin with “Hello everyone,” but instead introduce yourself, your team, and your event organizers. Understand that your event host has the power to set the tone, as a great introduction will make all the difference.

Also, it wouldn’t hurt to add a bit of entertainment. For example, you can show a short video that encapsulates the essence of your event or have a small performance from a band or a DJ.

5. Leverage Unique Activities

Leverage Unique Activities

One idea is to create booths to engage people in hands-on activities such as painting, dancing, and building their own ice cream. Check out the homepage for ice cream catering and create something unique to take home.

Another option is to bring in live entertainment, such as special performers or artists who can create a memorable experience for everyone. Curating special shows or competitions throughout the night that are interactive, like karaoke, trivia, or an improv show, are great ways to generate more engagement with various crowds.

Strategies for a Successful Ticketed Event

Your ticketed event needs to be unforgettable. Following these outstanding tips, you can make sure your event is an absolute blast from start to finish.

With careful planning, focusing on what really matters to attendees, and using the right promotional channels, your event will be a success! Start planning and creating a truly unforgettable event today!

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