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10 Tips for Online Shopping Using Cryptocurrencies

The financial world has undergone a lot of digital revolution in the recent past. Bitcoin is one of the most popular digital currencies used and has been around for over a decade. But till one online shopping using cryptocurrencies is limited. The majority of cryptocurrencies work outside the confinements of the government. Because of this, some retailers are skeptical about accepting crypto as payment.

Here are Ways for Online Shopping Using Cryptocurrencies

β… . Shop At Crypto-Only Retailers

The easiest way to online shopping using cryptocurrencies crypto-only retailers. They only target cryptocurrency users. These include Bitify and Openbazer. The downside of shopping at these retailers is that they are very few. For this reason, it may be a challenge to spend your crypto.

β…‘. Shop At Crypto-Friendly Retailers

Apart from crypto-only retailers, other online shopping using cryptocurrencies via crypto merchant payment services. The services include BitPay or BTCPay Server. Some of the platforms that allow bitcoin include Microsoft, Namecheap, and Overstock.

β…’. Pay Using a Crypto Debit Card

Making payments using a crypto debit card is another way of using digital currency. Crypto debit cards like BlockCard Visa Debit Card allow holders to supplement their cards with digital currencies. Using crypto this way enables you to spend it anywhere in the world where bank cards are allowed.

β…£. Buy Goods and Services from Local Dealers Who Accept Digital Currency

With the surge in the popularity of digital currencies, some local service providers have resorted to accepting payments in digital currencies. However, before using your digital currency in this way, you have to set up a mobile wallet first. With a wallet, you can efficiently pay for your services.

β…€. Check Out with Crypto on PayPal

Check out with Crypto is the latest feature on PayPal that allows users to make online shopping using cryptocurrencies. With this feature, crypto holdings will appear alongside bank accounts and credit cards. PayPal will be able to process the transaction and convert the digital currency into traditional cash for free.

β…₯. Buying Gift Cards and Paying Using Gift Cards

As a crypto user, you can buy gift cards with cryptocurrencies from platforms like Gyft. The platforms allow users to pay for the cards using Cryptocurrency. You can Buy Amazon Gift Cards from Amazon. The gift cards can then pay for purchases online from Amazon.

β…¦. Trading In Cryptocurrency

You can buy bitcoin in your wallet and trade against other digital currencies. It allows users to transfer or buy cryptocurrencies in a fast and efficient way. The most popular exchange wallets at the moment are Binance and Coinbase. After setting up your wallet, you can buy digital currencies and sell them back into dollars or other available currencies.

β…§. Buy food Using Cryptocurrency

When traveling, you can now pay for food using crypto. Using Coinmap, you can locate platforms that allow payment in crypto. Coinmap currently has over 100 food vendors that accept payment in the form of crypto.

β…¨. Paying For an All-Inclusive Resort

It is one of the best ways to use your crypto when traveling. You can pay for everything online shopping using cryptocurrencies of your choice before even traveling. You can pay for your hotel, food, drinks, tips, and other entertainment options. Some popular all-inclusive resorts include the Surf Ranch Nicaragua and The Sandals Resort.

β…©. Pay for Pizza Using PizzaForCoins

PizzaForCoins is a website that allows you to make your payments using crypto. The websites accept the use of over 45 digital currencies. Users are required to pay a small fee for the services provided. After payment, they locate your favorite pizza place and order. The transaction is without any cash.

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