When embracing their entrepreneurial side, many adults look for side hustles they can run on evenings and weekends. Online options are popular, as they depend less on your being there for specific hours. Other want a full-time business that replaces their day job.

If the idea of freelancing doesn’t appeal, that leaves you with service businesses or brick and mortar businesses. For the service business-inclined, you can look at starting an HVAC business. If you’re an HVAC tech, you may wonder how to start an AC business.

Keep reading for five tips that will help you make your HVAC business a reality.

1. HVAC Business Plan

HVAC Maintenance

Writing a business plan is the first thing you should do. A business plan accomplishes a lot of things for you. First and foremost, it makes you dig into the financial realities of launching the business.

It also makes you analyze the local competition you’ll face. You must consider factors like your business structure and your marketing. You’ll need some financial forecasts as well for reasons we’ll cover next.

2. Financing

Unless you’ve saved up a lot of money to bootstrap your business, you’ll likely need financing of some kind. For many, that means pursuing a small business loan. You can approach banks directly, look at government-backed small business loans, or look for private investors.

You’ll need a business plan and financial forecasts for any of those options. All investors want a sense of when they can expect their investment to pay off.

Legal Stuff

You must deal with the normal legal hurdles involved with opening a business, such as registering with the state, getting local permits, and securing a business license.

You must also secure HVAC business insurance to protect yourself and your customers. For more legal guidance, check out this guide.

4. Marketing

You must market your business to the right customers. The exact approach will depend on your services and ideal customers, but will mostly involve local marketing efforts, such as radio and print ads. For better marketing , you should work with a professional HVAC marketing company whose technology and resources will improve lead generation and boost sales to advertise your HVAC company more effectively.

You’ll want a website for your business. Embrace local SEO tactics. That will increase the number of visitors in your immediate area who need your services.

5. Equip Yourself

Make sure you purchase the right equipment for your business. Showing up for a job and discovering you lack the right tools is a very bad look for you and the business. You don’t need all new equipment, but you should look for well-maintained used equipment if you go that route. It is not only physical tools that are important, with technology being more and more involved in businesses, having a software to customize your products for specific needs can take your business to a new level. Nowadays it’s something very easy to achieve with HVAC estimating software tools offered by companies like Fablink.

Starting an HVAC Business and You

Beating the Competition in the HVAC Business

Starting an HVAC business is not a short-term process. You should start things like writing your business plan as much as one to two years in advance of when you’d like to open. Writing the business plan alone can take months.

Beyond that, there’s scouting potential business locations and determining real estate pricing. Don’t forget about management essentials like accounting software and online tools for setting appointments.

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