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Tips of an Effective Business Card

A business card conveys your company’s overall image. It is the first thing most professionals present to potential clients. Business cards can build or break the confidence people have in your commitment in your service provision. It says a lot about the standard of your brand and the level of professionalism. In addition to identification, an effective business card should create legitimacy and lead to a partnership by leaving an impression of value.

Here are rules to ensure your business card convinces your clients you are worth their money.  

Include the Most Important Information:  Overloading a business card with too much information is very tempting. This increases the likelihood of losing the clients attention as a result of information overload and also reducing the font size. Include just enough information to perk up the recipient’s interest including your name, job title, business name, contact details, and the company’s website. You may also include your company’s social media details. If there is sufficient space, you may include an eye-catching strap line to help promote your business.  

Keep the Style Consistent with the Business:  For brand awareness, consistency in all marketing material is the key. This is not only using the logo, but also maintaining colours, styling and typographical elements. There is a possibility of making your business card colourful but leaving white space on your card.

Ensure the writing is legible: Make sure the fonts are not too fancy, distorted or too small.  If you need a professional writer consult an essay writing service UK.  

Keep the Print Quality Excellent:  There are numerous printing options than can make your business card more appealing. Foil stamping offers visual elements that are highly effective. Embossing creates a 3D effect on the card. Poorly printed business cards showcase a negative message. While it’s cheaper to print your own cards, investing professional printing is totally worth it.   

Design for Your Audience:  Who is your target market? Do you have more than one business? If the businesses complement one another, you could print both sides of the business card, each for one venture. If the businesses are not in any way related, creating separate business cards is recommended. This will avoid confusing clients and enhance effective communication to your audience.  

Special Finishing Options:  From holes punched through to rounded corners, there are different ways to make a business card stand out. Be careful to select a finishing that suits your brand. Does the finishing speak about your brand? It should generate the positive attention to your company. Ensure the ink used has a pleasant smell.  

Call to Action:  A simple call to action can make a business card more memorable. It could be a discount message, a quote or even a useful tip related to your business. Ensure you keep it simple and catchy. A JoinPrint Business Card uses the best ideas to best represent your brand. With flawless prints, a business card will easily stand out and get noticed. Despite being among the most affordable marketing materials, business cards are ten times worth the price. Do not confuse quality with high end. Keep it classy.     

With the above qualities, you will have the perfect business card that will tell who you are at a glance and make it easy for interested people to reach you. Get a good business card today and you will start receiving more calls.

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