Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is usable in many forms. A few examples include tinctures, edibles, and vape juices. You shouldn’t confuse CBD e-juices with tinctures as the latter is strictly for ingestion while the former is for vaping. There are two CBD oils suitable for vaping, namely vape juices and cartridges. When looking for the best CBD vapes, it’s essential to consider the following factors before purchasing:

1. Transparency of the Supplier

Third-party research with detailed data is good evidence that the CBD vape has no excessive or missing ingredients. Thus, before you buy a CBD vape cartridge or e-juice, consider asking for the laboratory results of the product if it’s not yet available.

An established CBD company uses lab results from third-party testing facilities to review their products. If a CBD supplier doesn’t want to share information about their product, then it might be wise to look for another retailer. A trustworthy CBD provider shouldn’t have problems sharing information about their products with their customers.

2. Check for Homogenous Traits

The term “homogenous” means “of the same kind.”  In other words, the product should have a uniform consistency. The manufacturer should mix the contents of the vape cartridge or juice well. Ensure that the contents aren’t in separate layers.

Separation of layers is an issue in many CBD vape liquids. Many CBD liquids for vapes don’t mix with specific e-liquid bases. It’s akin to trying to mix oil and water. This separation brings about uneven dosages when using the CBD vape juice with your pen.

Once again, it’s best to ask CBD vape suppliers if the contents of the cartridges and e-liquids are homogenous. Uneven dosages may hinder users from gaining the maximum number of CBD health benefits.

3. No Overselling

When you check a CBD vape company’s website, are there many pop-ups stopping you from having a pleasant shopping experience? Established CBD companies should already know they don’t have to oversell their products. Shopping around the online store should allow you to view and buy CBD vape products without annoying pop-ups each time you try to enter or exit a page.

You can tell a lot about a company by their marketing efforts. If there are many advertising materials plastered across different areas on the site, it’s like salespeople trying to push their products in your face.

Tips On Finding The Best CBD Vapes for Sale

4. Ask for the Extraction Process

Another type of information you need to ask your CBD vape supplier is the extraction process of the chemical compound. CBD manufacturers have different techniques to extract the compound from cannabis plants. However, you’d want your vape products to have CBD coming from the CO2 extraction method.

CO2 extraction requires sophisticated tools and techniques to acquire the cannabinoids from cannabis plants. It uses specific pressures and temperatures to complete the task. Extractors use CO2 as a solvent for the CBD to “go out” of the plant cells.

Also, this process may have a high chance of extracting concentrated and high-quality CBD. Hence, when CBD companies put it in vape cartridges or e-liquids, you’re going to vape a high-quality product.

5. Vaporizer Compatibility

Incompatible CBD vape cartridges may wreak havoc upon your vape pen. Vaporizer tanks that rely on you soaking the cotton wick with a liquid may make the oil try out and harden, thereby rendering the tank unusable.

Make sure that the vape cartridge you plan on buying is compatible with your vape pen. You can also use workarounds like opting for a vaporizer tank with a ceramic heating element. Otherwise, you can choose a fully-homogenized CBD vape liquid that works with many vape pens.

With that in mind, don’t confuse vape cartridges with e-liquid bottles. The former won’t work with every vape pen and aren’t refillable. Still, vape cartridges are more convenient than their e-liquid counterparts.

6. Check Online Reviews

Take the time to research about a particular CBD vape retailer. Head to Reddit or other online forums to see if other people tried purchasing from a specific supplier of CBD vape products. The last thing you’d want is for the false “company” to run off with your hard-earned cash.

Don’t fall for the “FREE sample” trap. Individual companies may offer you free samples but will still require you to pay for shipping. In doing so, the false retailer might acquire your credit card information from the transaction.Last, make sure you know how to use CBD vapes before attempting to buy an e-liquid or cartridge from a retailer. Understand the benefits and risks of CBD to help ensure you won’t experience complications during and after consumption.

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