If your financial outlook isn’t sunny, you’re not alone, especially in this financial climate. But if you need a quick infusion of funds, read on to learn the best tips on how to junk your car and get the most cash. Millions of workers in the United States lost their jobs for the time being or for good during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In tough times, clever people seek out new ways to make money. Here’s an idea for you: If you’re scraping for cash, try scrapping your car.

There’s no point in letting an undrivable car rust to pieces in your yard. You could use that space for something worthwhile, and you need the money you’ll get if you junk your car.

Yup, selling your car to a salvage yard or other junk car buyer is a quick way to make a buck. Take a gander at these three helpful tips on junking cars for the most cash possible.

1. Evaluate the Condition Before You Junk Your Car

To get an idea of what your car is worth, evaluate its condition. You might be thinking that if you sell your car to a junk my car business, it’s garbage. Why do you need to know the condition of trash?

Well, as they say, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure, and buyers salvaging scrap metal and parts from your broken-down car want those parts in good shape.

2. Know the Makeup of Your Car

The amount of money you make also depends on the kind and amount of material you have to sell.

Some vehicles have a wide variety of plastic parts, while others emphasize traditional metal. When your car is running, plastic parts often work as well as metal, make your car lighter, and are cheaper to replace.

Yet, when your ride breaks and you go to sell it, plastic doesn’t make the big bucks. The more metal your car has, the higher price you get from salvage yards. This also means larger junk vehicles tend to be worth more money.

3. Consider Any Valuable Auto Parts

Scrap metal isn’t the only valuable thing in your car. Before you junk your car, get it checked out by a professional to find all the parts that still work.

For example, maybe you replaced your carburetor right before your axel broke and the engine stopped running. There’s no sense in throwing that carburetor away, and your buyer knows it.

Junkyards don’t always tell you a car is worth more money with working parts. But don’t be fooled: They harvest valuable parts from your car after you leave, anyway.

To get the best offer for your car, know the sellable car parts you have, and leverage them when haggling.

Make Easy Money With These Hot Tips

Now that you know the best way to junk your car for cash, you can clear up space in your parking spot and put cash in your wallet. It’s a great short-term fix for many economic problems millions of United States residents like you face right now.

Chances are, making money by junking your car won’t solve all your financial woes. That’s why we collect all the best money-making and saving tips for you to boost your lifestyle. Take a look around the site and start fattening your wallet today.