If you wear glasses, you will be aware of the frustrating situation of facing the breakdown of your favorite pair. No matter what happens, either by falling, slipping, or sitting on it, they get damaged and it annoys you every single time. It is also economically problematic to buy a new pair every month, fortnight, or sometimes a week. The struggle is real!

You may also face a situation where you have to switch to new lenses because your frame is broken but lenses are still in good condition or vice versa. If you want to reuse the old pair of lenses or your old frame, you can take the help of some famous eyeglass stores such as Overnight Glasses, Replace RX Lenses, Eyeglasses.com, etc. These brands can help you get new prescription lenses for old frames and the other way around.

But if you usually fail to take good care of your eyeglasses, we have some valuable tips for you on how to keep your eyeglasses from breaking:

Breaking Eyeglasses: How to Avoid It

Use the Eyeglasses Case

Eyeglasses Case

The majority of eyeglasses have handy cases. And the majority of people are not using them. What an irony!

Try to keep the pair of your glasses in the case when they are not on your face. This will decrease the chances of losing, breaking, and misplacing them. If you can’t look after your eyeglasses case, buy more than one inexpensive case. They will cost less than a new frame. It would be best if you take this protective case wherever you go. You can keep it in your purse or your car.

Purchase an Eyeglasses Kit

Purchase an eyeglass kit from any local optometrist. You can also buy it easily from online stores. They contain a small screwdriver that is needed to tighten the screws of your frame. Whenever it is required, tighten the screws to maintain your eyeglasses. You can also place the small screwdriver inside the glasses case. This will help you get your eyeglasses repaired as soon as possible.

Use Your Glasses as an Eyewear Only

Glasses are not your hair bands. Don’t try to use them as a hair accessory. Most of the time, glasses slip and fell off the head when they are propped on the top of the head. Doing this, every time you bend or bow down, you decrease the lifespan of your eyeglasses. Always put them in the case properly when not in use.

Handle Them with Care

Be careful when you are taking your eyeglasses off. Don’t remove them by grabbing from one of the earpieces. It will exert pressure on the other earpiece, and it will bend in the backward direction. This can also loosen the screws and break the delicate frame structure. Take your glasses off by pinching from the nose bridge or by grabbing from both of the sides. This will distribute the pressure on the frame equally, hence lowering the chances of accidents.

Physical Activities and Your Eyeglasses

eyeglasses kit

If you are working out or playing any game or engaged in any physical activity with your eyeglasses on, you have more chances of breaking them. Try to do all these activities without glasses and if it is necessary, use specified sports frames; specially designed for such practices. They are made up of resistant material that will protect your eyesight when engaged in physical activity.

Effect of Extreme Temperature

Frames and prescription lenses are highly affected by extreme temperatures. These temperatures tend to damage the lenses and break the frame. Next time, avoid leaving your glasses in the car during a hot day and outside on a cold night. This will reduce the lifespan of your glasses. High temperature is also responsible for stretching the frames and breaking the lenses.

Be Careful when Sitting

Hey, watch out! You were just going to sit on your eyeglasses.

One of the most widely occurring accidents to the eyeglasses is sitting on them. You can lower its rate by observing the seat while taking it. Also, prevent these accidents by not placing your eyewear here and there, allowing others to break your glasses.

Switch to Durable Materials

Opticians are also offering titanium-nickel frames that are famous for their durability. They are made up of materials that make them flexible enough to bounce back when hit. They restore their shape immediately after the accident. This causes them to face minor damage, making them more durable and sustainable.

Have a Conversation with your Doctor

Visiting your optometrist is highly advisable. Your doctor is very likely to advise you of the model and frame that is perfect for you. This will also help you to track the innovations in the eye care unit. Moreover, if any additional adjustment is needed in your pair of glasses, the staff will do that for you.

Other Useful Tips


Follow these instructions for taking good care of your eyewear:

  • Clean your glasses regularly.
  • Do not touch the lenses.
  • Use a clean and smooth cloth for wiping the lenses
  • Never put the lens side down on a surface.
  • Take glasses off when sleeping


If you are sick of your eyeglasses expenses because of breaking them down, you need to take precautionary steps. Following the above mentioned simple steps will help you in keeping your eyewear safe from frequent damage. It will also help you to save your money and time in easy ways.

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