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Top 4 Things You Can Do to Declutter and Organize Your Garage Today

Did you know that 25% of US homeowners with two-car garages don’t have enough room to park even one car inside? And 32% only have room for one vehicle!

Garages no longer serve their intended purpose. They are hoarding sheds, storage units, and dumping grounds. And if you have a disorganized garage, you’ve likely tried many times to organize your garage with no hope of succeeding.

That’s because organizing your garage can be an overwhelming and time-consuming task. But don’t worry! These garage organization tips will help you organize your garage, so it stays that way for good.

1. Manage Your Expectations

Most people see garage organization as a lazy Sunday task that you can complete in one day. Then they get frustrated that they’ve “wasted” eight hours tidying their garage, and it looks exactly the same as it did before they started.

You need to manage your expectations. If you have a large garage and lots of stuff, you need to think of this task as more of a marathon than a sprint. Do a little today, a little tomorrow, and soon it will snowball, and the job will be complete.

2. Cull Your Clutter

No one wants to hear this. But one of the best declutter garage tips anyone could give you is to give rid of most of the stuff in there. It’s so much easier to organize your garage (and keep it that way!) when you have fewer things.

Sell, donate, recycle, or trash anything you’ve not used in the last year. Get rid of all expired foods, old paint cans, and “just in case” items.

3. Fix Up the Foundations

You’re far more likely to look after something if it looks nice. That’s why you should take this opportunity to give your garage a facelift.

Clean the cobwebs and repaint the walls. Consider adding slats on your walls for more storage options. Add more electrical outlets and lighting so it’s a little brighter and could even function as a home office.

Cover your garage floor with a strong, water-resistant substance like epoxy. There are lots of benefits of epoxying garage floor, and it’s cost-effective.

4. Invest in Storage Solutions

Before you put your things back into your garage, you need better storage solutions. Invest in wire racks and plastic storage containers with sealed lids. Garages are always prone to dampness, so don’t use weak, porous containers made from cardboard or wicker.

Put a huge label on the outside of your containers, so you know what’s in them. If you have special sports equipment, then consider solutions that are specific to your needs. Build a wall rack for skis or attach a hook to the roof so you can hang a net sack for basketballs.

Organize Your Garage and Reap the Rewards

Depending on the scale of your mess, it might take weeks to organize your garage. But the result of having a nice, clean, tidy garage will all be worth it.

Are you loving your new garage organization system and want to organize the rest of your house? Browse our lifestyle articles for more home decor and cleaning tips!

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