Let’s face it, many people struggle with taking CPA exams. It’s no walk in the park. To pass your CPA test with flying colors, you need much more than a high accounting IQ. That includes a consistent study habit and a strong desire to succeed, but more importantly, an efficient study strategy.

Below are three ways to drastically reduce your CPA study time by up to 45 hours, and ultimately, ace that exam

1. Keep it Steady

You can’t study CPA occasionally or erratically; it just doesn’t cut it. You have to be in the correct mindset to study financial accounting efficiently. Think about it. What are you doing when you revise? You are trying to feed your mind with as much information as possible at any given time.

This doesn’t happen erratically. You need to set a consistent routine and stick to it. A workable CPA study schedule is essential to efficient exam prep since it allows you to prepare mentally for a load of CPA concepts you’re supposed to grasp. But if you need help getting things started with your study schedule, consider approaching a CPA prep near me.Begin by noting how many pages of content you cover per hour. It’s best to go through every section first, write extensive notes, and then use a video lecture to reinforce whatever you’ve learned. You can then put your mind to test by taking a quick practice test. However, this trick only works if you are willing to pick times each week to do nothing else but study.If this doesn’t help you study CPA more efficiently, consider focusing only on the content that you don’t know. Try to discard the video lecturers and limit the number of practice tests you take. Alternatively, work with a private CPA tutor if you genuinely want to cut down on your study time.

2. Don’t Retake the Same Multiple Choice Practice Test

It’s okay to take a practice test to gauge how much you understand the content you just read. But, if you insist on getting 90% before moving on to the next section, you might leave other sections unread by the time you approach the real exam.The best way to slash your CPA study time is to take each practice exam only once. Follow up by reviewing each wrong answer and read the explanation on why it wasn’t correct. Then move quickly to find the subject matter in the book and underline any info that you got wrong in the test. Repeat the same for each practice test you take, whether REG, AUD, or BEC.

3. Stay Motivated

At some point in your study process, you are likely to start questioning why you are even doing it or whether you’ll ace the exam when the time comes. Everyone does! It’s essential to avoid stress and remind yourself why you are studying.

For example, you might get a bonus, pay rise, or a promotion. You might even be competing with course mates, colleagues, or friends. This can be one of your long-term goals.

No matter the reason, be sure to remind yourself time and again. If you are still nervous about the main exam, you might consider approaching a CPA prep class.

The Bottom Line

Well, that’s about it. Those are the three most important tips that can help you study for the CPA test quickly and efficiently and pass the exam on your first try! After all, the CPA test isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. You need to aim for 100 hours per course, keep studying, and stay motivated to successfully reach the finish line.

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