Our health is no joke and that is why we should choose the best medical services available. Finding a reliable medical transport company can be essential, especially if you ever have to deal with an emergency. We have a couple of tips that should make it easier for you to choose a high quality medical transport service.

Door-to-door service

Medical transport isn’t just about vehicles. A good company should take care of the patient during the entire journey. Therefore, you should look for a company that includes wheelchair transport services, advanced life support ambulance, ambulatory transportation and more.

Long distance transportation

You need to find a company that offers long distance ambulance transport. This occurs when the best facility for a patient is far away, or even abroad. Your medical transport company should provide medical professionals that are ready to accompany the patient anywhere, from the clinic to an airport.

If a patient needs to travel by air, flight escorts are required. This service offers medical supervision for any commercial airlines. The patient will receive a nurse that will take care of him during the flight and help him reach the final destination once they land.


Medical transport services should be available at all times as you never know when an accident can occur. If there is an emergency, you need to be sure that a vehicle is able to reach the patient without wasting too much time.

Medical assistance

Patients might need medical assistance as well, so you should find a company that offers medical support. Basic assistance is enough if there isn’t a serious emergency, but for severe cases paramedics are needed.


You should also decide if you need transportation interpreters. Foreign language and Sign Language interpretation services can be vital in an emergency since they effectively communicate with the patient. Legal interpreters might be helpful as well since you might need medical transportation to bring the patient to court.

Reliable drivers and vehicles

You need to choose a service that you can’t trust. The driver becomes responsible for the safety of the patient, so should be able to work with persons that you can trust. It is recommended that you find a company which makes its drivers undergo extensive background checks before they are hired.

Simply driving the vehicle is not enough. Your driver should also know first aid procedures and he or she should be CPR certified as well. A clean driving record is also an important factor in this situation.

You shouldn’t forget about vehicles either. It is essential that the company pays attention to vehicle maintenance. Their vehicles should be inspected constantly and outdated models shouldn’t be used for emergencies.

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