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Shopping Smart: Top 6 Tips to Find the Perfect Mattress

Do you remember when you spent all that time trying to pick the right laptop with all of the great specs? Well, perfect mattress shopping is just like that; it’s an essential purchase, and it requires a small effort to get the right mattress for you.

You may not be aware of this, but a bed has a vital role in your life, even if you’re sleeping or awake. Ultimately, having the perfect mattress to support and make you comfortable encourages a cozy good night’s sleep. As a result, you gain energy, and it helps you deal with the responsibilities of your day and many more.

If you’re now in the market looking for the perfect mattress for you, it will help you immensely by being armed with information before visiting local physical stores or online stores.

What firmness level gives you the most comfort?

Unfortunately, mattresses don’t have a standardized measurement of firmness. Thus, one company’s “firm” can be another company’s “ultra-firm.” It makes testing a product much more essential before purchasing one. Sleepline provides the best quality mattresses. Check on.

Additionally, it would help if you always remembered that each individual has their unique preferences. Hence, an extra firm or soft mattress may not be a good option simply because you have a bad back. You won’t know what mattress suits best until you try different firmness levels in the store.

Try it before you purchase it

We know, trying a mattress in the store is awkward. Although, you do have to test out a product first before purchasing one. It will save you from buying the wrong mattress and maybe get stuck with it if there’s no trial and return policy. By testing out a product, you may even encounter the best mattress for you!

Sadly, if you are embarrassed with this step, there’s no substitute; it’s a must to try out a mattress for at least ten minutes. When testing out different mattresses, lie down using your sleeping position. After this, try sitting up, rolling side to side, and determining how firm it is, sit on the edge of the bed.

Additionally, suppose you share a mattress with a significant other. In that case, the partner should test the product, but ideally, it would be best to try it simultaneously. It may even lessen the awkwardness of trying out a product.

Research your options

In the mattress industry, five common types of mattresses are beloved by homeowners, and these are:

  • Memory foam – It may be an expensive option. Still, it offers top-notch cushioning for those sore muscles or painful joints. However, these beds have been reported to be hot during sleep.
  • Innerspring beds – These beds are one of the most common mattresses in the industry. You might think that because they offer proper support and have various firmness levels that it’s an expensive option. Still, it’s the most affordable option out of the five common types.
  • Latex foam – Despite being similar to memory foam beds, these mattresses can contour to the body much better than memory foam. Also, it’s more elastic and has more bounce. Finally, unlike memory foam, it doesn’t make sleepers sweat since it isn’t as hot as memory foam.
  • Hybrid beds – To put it simply, these beds have a (memory or latex) foam overlay and springs as a system.
  • Air beds – If you want the firmness of your bed to be customizable, air beds might be the one for you! A great addition to a couple’s life since it can tailor to both of your preferences.

Be generous with your budget

A mattress is an investment, and if you want a good-quality product that will help you get a good night’s sleep and a positive mood, it won’t be cheap. Indeed, you should know never to purchase something beyond what you can manage. After all, what good is an expensive mattress if you can no longer afford to pay rent?

Have you considered buying online?

It may seem unsafe at first to purchase a mattress online, but in 2021, it’s now becoming a suitable option. Who doesn’t love not having to deal with salespersons who have an intimidating aura? Additionally, purchasing a bed online gives buyers more choices, better prices, and you can avoid sales tax!

Ask your dealer about trial and return periods

Despite testing a mattress in-store, the real test is when it’s delivered to your home, and you can test it out for a night, week, or months by sleeping on the bed. For this reason, many dealerships usually provide a “comfort trial” period that typically lasts for 30 days. It’s the window where homeowners can return a product if it doesn’t bring you the comfort and support you’ve hoped.

Be aware that stores with this policy usually charge a restocking fee if you choose to return a mattress. Still, these policies are a must when purchasing a bed, so don’t forget to ask your dealer about this.


Any minute you spend researching different kinds of mattresses can help you pin the perfect bed. Consequently, you must allow some time to study and test out products. Use the six tips mentioned above wisely!

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