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4 Tips To Leverage Customer Communication And Win More HVAC Businesses

The heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) industry has grown to be one of the most competitive service industries in the world today. That’s why service providers are tapping into any available opportunity to help them beat the competition and win more jobs. But success isn’t that easy to achieve, especially if you’re only starting up in the sector and have to compete with already established companies.

Fortunately, contractors have adapted to the changing nature of the industry, and they now understand the importance of the wider service they provide such as good customer service and communications.

Modern technology has improved customer communication to an enormous degree and revolutionized the industry in many ways. Companies are now taking advantage of software like Jobber to dispatch estimates, track jobs, and schedule appointments. This not only means HVAC businesses are closer to customers than ever before, it means they can use this new technology to leverage customer communication and even win more jobs in the following ways:

Tips To Grow Your Customer Communication

1. Keep Your Goals And Customer Expectations In Sync

Customers always have expectations whenever they contact an HVAC contractor to install, repair, or do routine maintenance on their systems. However, this doesn’t mean that they fully understand how their systems work, or exactly what they need for the solution. Therefore, it’s your responsibility to ensure that customers understand what the job is, how long it’ll take, the costs, and other important details of the job.

This is made possible by communicating with them in a way that they understand, and it pays to get this right. This customer service best practice ebook helps contractors and field technicians understand how to communicate well with clients so they feel comfortable, well informed, and clear on what the job is and how much it will cost.

Proper customer communication will help you focus on what’s important to your customer, explain problems and how to fix them, and ask for customer feedback. This will help harmoniously put your goals and customer expectations in sync, which increases the latter’s satisfaction.

2. Educate Customers Using Relevant Content

One way to get more jobs is by retaining your current customers. By retaining your customers, you increase your authority as a reputable service provider, and you’ll get more customers through referrals and positive reviews. So, you must give your customers reasons to always choose you before the rest.

You can do this by showing your customers data about what it would cost them if they failed to maintain their HVAC units. Sharing digestible content, such as infographics, videos, and blogs, can help deliver the message to your customers. This will help clients understand the importance of regular system maintenance and why they need a company like yours to get the job done.

This informative content will ensure that your business remains the first option for your customers. They’ll check emails, visit your website, as well as read social media pages for new posts. In case they need any services, they’ll contact you.

3. Equip Customer Service Team To Personalize Interactions

When communicating with customers through calls or chatbots, the software you use should collect the necessary customer information. This information is crucial to your customer service team because it’ll help them know the customer better and ensure they provide a better experience in other interactions.

Today, customers want to create personal relationships with businesses instead of having generic relationships. So, communicating with them will allow you to meet them in their preferred channels. Moreover, you’ll have collected information like their names and history of customer communication, which makes your team quickly synthesize information to give customers a personalized experience. Once customers and prospects feel connected to your business, they’ll consider you anytime they require HVAC services, allowing you to win more jobs.

4. Request Feedback

Most HVAC businesses may not know the importance of customer feedback and, therefore, fail to collect them. You can’t know more about your customers until they tell you what they need and how they want to be served. So, customer communication should be about you talking to them and customers talking to you. That way, you can collect feedback and identify how to serve them better.

With feedback and reviews from your customers, your HVAC business can use reputation marketing to win more jobs. Reputation works well because new customers see what other customers say about your services. This helps grow your brand and gain trust among customers. Moreover, you can quickly attend to customer complaints with customer feedback, helping reduce negative reviews on your pages and website.


Customer service is essential in the HVAC business to help you retain old clients and win more jobs. But there can be no customer service without proper communication between your business and customers. So, you should focus on communicating with your clients to get data, feedback, and other important insights that you can leverage to win more jobs.

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