Confused, stressed, anxious and in pain – these are some of the emotions that you have to go through if you’ve been in an accident. This is why it is a must that you should look after yourself soon after the accident occurred. Then, once you’re ready, consider filing for a personal injury claim. 

A personal injury claim will give you the chance to recover from your medical bills, lost wages, financial damages and any other losses that were incurred during the accident. With the help of an injury attorney, a claim will be filed against one or more entities that caused the accident or injury. To increase your chances of winning such claim, check out the following helpful tips.

Set a fixed amount

Before contacting your injury attorney regarding your demand, you must decide on a fixed amount of your settlement. This certain amount will help you decide your bottom line before arriving in the offers and counteroffers part of the case. 

Gather the evidence

The jury will look at the evidence that you have provided them and will decide on your case using these as their basis. The other party will also use that evidence to decide how much they will offer as a fair settlement of your injury. This means the stronger evidence you secure, the greater chances you have of winning the case. You must take pictures of your injuries as well as the accident scene. You can also gather names and contacts for possible witnesses. You can also ask for a copy of a police report, if there is one. These are solid proofs that you and your injury attorney must prepare for the case.

Refuse the first offer

The injury adjuster would tend to start settlement negotiations with an extremely low offer. Some would even completely deny the liability.  This is to assess if you really know what your claim is worth and how eager you are to have the money. After their first offer, you should respond depending on its practicality and reason. A counteroffer is a good idea if the offer is reasonable. By doing so, you are informing them that you also have your own valid reasons and that you are also willing to compromise with them.

Put emphasis on the emotional damage

Mention your emotional aspects to support your claim in your favor during negotiations. One example is to say that your injury could interfere with your ability to take care of your child and for this reason, your child also suffered. This emotional emphasis can be a powerful move to get a fair and reasonable settlement for your case.

Personal Injury Claim

Stay away from social media

Never discuss anything that is pertaining to your injury case on social media. Maintain your silence while the case is still ongoing. Divulging some details about your case of social media can be truly risky. What you said or posted on your social media account could be held against you. 

The process of filing for a personal injury claim can be too tedious and stressful. However, once you’ve hired a qualified attorney to handle your case everything will become much more bearable.