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Tool Time: 5 Essential Garage Tools Every Home Garage Should Have

The garage is the place to keep your car safe, work on special projects, and store your most important tools.

From gardening accessories to heavy-duty equipment, this part of your home holds an assortment of essentials that help you tackle home improvement tasks.

Check out this list of five essential garage tools that every single home garage should have.

1. Screwdrivers

Besides the hammer, screwdrivers are one of the most important tools anyone can own. Purchase a full screwdriver set that can handle a variety of screw types and sizes.

Keep all of the screwdrivers together and handy so you can easily grab them whenever you need one. There’s really no more important tool than a screwdriver since almost everything imaginable uses screws in one form or another.

2. Essential Garage Tools: Saws

From a table saw to a classic hand saw, you should have at least one in your garage. Saws are useful for working on projects, but they’re also essential if you need to cut limbs or tackle trees in your yard.

Before you decide which saws you need, check out topsawreviews to help you make the right call. Saws are so important for every homeowner, so make sure you have at least one or more in your tool arsenal.

3. A Work Light

If your power goes out or you just want to get a little work done at night, a work light is an important addition to any garage. These lights can be hung by a hook or they might be handheld.

Bright, lightweight work lights are excellent when you need to pop the hood of your car and perform a little mechanic work. Look for lights that include a rechargeable feature or ones that use energy-efficient bulbs to get maximum efficiency.

4. A Fire Extinguisher

You may not think of a fire extinguisher as garage tools, but this piece of equipment is absolutely essential. Store your extinguisher in an area of the garage where you can easily access it if a fire breaks out.

Whether it’s a care fire or a chemical fire, every homeowner should have at least one fire extinguisher in their garage. Check it regularly to make sure it’s still filled to the proper level, and replace as needed.

5. Storage 

If you have a ton of tools, you need to include storage as part of your collection. A mechanic’s toolbox is a great option and comes with wheels so you can easily roll it around the garage floor.

Look for tool storage with a ton of drawers to keep wrenches and other items neatly organized. If you don’t want a fancy toolbox, consider bins or shelving instead.

Garage Must-Haves

Every homeowner is different, and everyone uses their garage in a different way. But this list of five important garage tools is something that anyone who owns a garage should keep handy.

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