Around one-sixth of humanity lives in poverty, which means having to survive on less than $1 per day. It also implies the lack of resources necessary for meeting basic human needs. Poverty is the reason why human rights in third-world countries are violated.

People who don’t have access to healthcare services, education and such basic things as food, water, and clothes, find themselves caught in a vicious circle. Hence, even a small donation could help someone to survive.

We’d like to share with you the stories of several well-known philanthropists. We hope they will restore your faith in humanity and motivate you to do charity work.

You may think that philanthropy is only for wealthy people who have tons of money, right? Actually, every person can give up a cup of coffee per week in favor of starving countries. If you are a college student seeking to help people in third world countries, you can write a paper about their sufferings and thus draw everyone’s attention to this problem.

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Famous Philanthropists

  1. Bill Gates. Widely known as the co-founder of Microsoft Corporation, William Henry Gates is also famous for his charitable work. Bill and his wife Melinda have a charitable foundation which is one of the most generous private funds in the US. The organization focuses on different issues, such as:

●        Developing health care systems

●        Overcoming hunger in emerging countries

●        Treating HIV, AIDs, and tuberculosis

●        Improving educational systems

●        Upgrading public libraries

Bill Gates, whose net worth is estimated at $99 billion, has donated more than $30 billion to charity.

  1. Warren Buffett. Also called Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffet is the third richest person on the planet Earth. However, instead of spending money on some fancy things, he prefers to donate it to charity. Moreover, he’s set a kind of record by making a hefty donation of $37 billion, the largest ever in US history. Warren donated all this money to Bill and Melinda Gates’ foundation. Also, together with Bill Gates Warren has launched a philanthropy campaign called the Giving Pledge. The idea behind is to encourage billionaires to give away more than 50% of their net worth to charity.
  1. Charles Francis Feeney. Charles Feeney is one of the most mysterious men of our century. Being the founder of a chain of duty-free stores (DFS), he’s often referred to as the “James Bond of philanthropy.” Though his fortune is only $2 million, he has donated to charity more than $6 billion since 1982. Charles Feeney is also the founder of the Atlantic Philanthropies foundation to which he secretly transferred his 38 % stake in DFS. The foundation works for the improvement of science, education, and healthcare. It also does a lot for the protection of civil rights.
  1. Mark Zuckerberg. Being the founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark is one of the youngest billionaires in the world. He and his wife Priscilla have donated more than $25 million to the fight against Ebola. Besides, they have launched a project called Chan Zuckerberg Science which aims to control the spread of different diseases. Also, Mark has promised to donate at least half of his net worth to the Giving Pledge campaign.
  1. Oprah Winfrey. Oprah truly deserves to be called a self-maid person. She has created the Oprah Winfrey Charitable Foundation and donated around $140 million to it. She also supports organizations like Time’s Up, Museum of African American History and Culture, and N Street Village. Besides her charity work, Oprah also takes part in campaigns against HIV and AIDs.
  1. J.K. Rowling. Joanne Rowling established her first charity foundation in 2000. Called the Volant Charitable Trust, it combats poverty, deprivation, and supports women’s and children’s rights. Also, Joanne has donated money to research and treatment of multiple sclerosis. Her Lumos foundation, called so after a spell from the Harry Potter series, was created to help children who have been wrongfully separated from their parents.
  1. Gordon Moore. Gordon Moore is a co-founder of Intel Corporation, an owner of 6,5 billion fortune, and a famous philanthropist. He and his wife have founded the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and donated to it $5 billion. The organization promotes innovative scientific discovery, protection of the environment, and conservation of the San Francisco Bay area.
  1. Michael Dell. Michael Dell and his wife established the Susan Dell Foundation in 1999. The organization specializes in raising money for education, human and social issues, health, culture, and art. Also, its founders have pledged to give away $25 million for the building of a new hospital in Austin.
  1. Leonardo DiCaprio. Following the staggering success of “Titanic” in 1998, Leonardo DiCaprio established the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. The LDF was created to protect the world’s last wild places, control climate change, and preserve animal species. Also, the actor donated $1 million to the United Way Harvey Recovery Fund after Hurricane Harvey struck Fulton, Texas, in 2017.
  1. Angelina Jolie. Angelina Jolie is a famous actress, director, and philanthropist. Together with Brad Pitt, they established the Jolie-Pitt Foundation in 2006. The fund works for education, health, and global development. Angelina also provides humanitarian help to refugees and war-affected women and children in different countries of the world.

We hope our helpful and inspiring article will motivate you to become the best version of yourself! Good luck!

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