It is a common problem small business feels difficulty to spend money on advertising. Huge tycoons like Coca-Cola or Nestle can easily invest hundreds of thousands for advertising campaigns for improving brand awareness or sells growth. 

However, local businesses with smaller budgets have nothing to worry about as there are plenty of ways to tell people about your brand. Some prefer going to bidding platforms to advertise for low costs, but there is something better one may use. There are methods that don’t require money at all. They can be not so neat and perfect as paid ones, but it is certainly better than nothing at all, isn’t it?

Top 10 ways to advertise your business for free by

Add your company to Google My Business

You will need just basic information about your brand like what you do, where you are located, the contacts one can get in touch with you and working hours. It is not obligatory, but desirable, to add a photo. This solution is perfect for those who have a physical shop as people are likely to use Google Maps when they are interested in something local close to them.

Register in Yellow Pages

The times of thick and heavy address books are already in the past, however, they are still published and people still buy them. But nowadays we have online analogue like yellow-pages-america or The more references you have, the better: they are good for your SEO as you get backlinks and higher positions in search results.

Write guest posts for other websites from related niche

People are not interested in abstract idols, they are more likely to listen to one’s opinion from the expert in the field. It can be interview format or simply your monologue: be witty and pleasant in communication. People may disagree with you, but they will come to learn more about you if they see you are an interesting personality.

Answer questions on forums

Places like Quora are full of questions where the answer of experience is needed. Give it to people. 

Note: no advertising of your business there, create a profile with your company name and add a link to your website in the signature.

All business correspondence you have should be marked that it is exactly you. It may help to tell about you to friends or colleagues, besides, your clients may wish to drop into your website to know more about you.

Invite an important person from the niche to give you interview or something like that

A celebrity itself will catch attention by your regular users, if the person is really worth attention, friends and relatives can be also invited.

Note: don’t forget the person you invited to publish that she or he had interview with you.

Register on social networks

Facebook is probably not the best place for selling, but here you can communicate with your clients: answer their questions, help with product use and so on. It is also a common practice to launch quizzes for repost of a certain information, for example, big sale. Your audience will do a great work for you, so be ready to reward a random user by a gift (you should mention it in the post).

Encourage reposts

Phrases like “Repost in your twitter account if you liked the material” are very useful as people may simply forget to do it without a small reminder. Just a click of a mouse and thousands of other people will see it in their newsfeeds.

Note: it is better to have special buttons for this purpose on the website.

Sponsors naming will tell nothing to the clients, while perception becomes different when a real director is here and gives interesting and actual speech. The chances you will searched increase exponentially.

Hand out leaflets

Come to related meetings to give people a piece of paper with a nice image where it will be typed who you are, what you do and how you can be found. 

The methods we have listed can be also used by business sharks as well. It sometimes happens as they are free to combine different methods. Main advantage of all the ideas is that they are not time-consuming and you can (and should) use several methods to gain even more effect.

We are sure that you have your secrets for business promotion without money investing – please, share the ideas you have with us, could you, please?

PS: could you, please, repost this article for other business owners to know how the business can be promoted?

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