Whether it’s CrossFit, keto or CBD, there’s always a new wellness trend going around. But CBD is not just a trend that will fade out over time. Users of CBD can attest that it really helps them with many kinds of health concerns that they experience on a day-to-day basis. But, it’s important to know that you’re using a high-quality CBD product. That’s where this review comes in. We reviewed the 5 best CBD oil tinctures of 2020 so you can make the best selection for yourself.

What are CBD Oil Tinctures?

CBD is a compound that comes from the cannabis plant. While it is found in both marijuana and hemp, hemp contains a lot more CBD. Then there’s the added bonus that hemp has very low THC content, which is the component of cannabis that makes you feel high. That’s why the vast majority of CBD products come from hemp. They legally must contain less than 0.3% THC so you know that they will not make you feel high. CBD oil is safe to take and is completely different from taking marijuana or other types of drugs.

CBD Oil Tinctures: Health Benefits of using them

CBD oil can help you with a range of health concerns. The CBD oil benefits include the following:

  • Pain Relief: Because CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, many people find that it helps to relieve their daily aches and pains. If you’ve been looking for the best CBD oil for pain relief, keep reading to see our review.
  • Stress: If you’ve been feeling particularly stressed lately, taking CBD can help you feel less uptight and tense.
  • Anxiety: Anxiety can cause a lot of problems in your daily life. Taking CBD can help you feel more mellow and calm, which helps reduce your anxiety. But, it’s important to find out what the best CBD oil for anxiety is so read on to see which of the products we reviewed is best for you.
  • Sleep: As CBD can help you feel calmer and more mellow, many people find that this helps them sleep better. If you have trouble drifting off, taking CBD before bed could help you greatly.
  • Seizures: While more study needs to be done in this area, anecdotally, people are finding that CBD can help them manage their seizures and experience fewer of them. Watch this space!

Best CBD Oil Tinctures in 2020 for Overall Wellness

If you’re looking to feel well and healthy, CBD oils can certainly help you with this. Read below for our in-depth review of the best full spectrum CBD oil tinctures in 2020.


FabCBD is the company that we thought makes the best Organic CBD oil tinctures. Not only that, but they offer a whole host of amazing products such as gummies, vapes and even CBD for your dog.

What We Liked: FAB CBD oil has the widest range of oil flavors of any of the brands listed here. They have berry, vanilla, natural, mint, and citrus. With a wide range of flavors, you’re sure to find one that suits your tastes.

The real reason we decided that they make the best CBD oil tinctures, though, is that they contain only natural ingredients. With CBD, coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, and natural flavors there are no nasty fake flavors here.

What We Didn’t Like: Some users prefer not to use full-spectrum CBD, which is what FabCBD includes in their oils. However, some people love it so it’s really just a matter of personal opinion.


All of the Elixinol products use full-spectrum organic CBD oil. They believe this is important for the ‘entourage effect’, which refers to all the compounds working together in harmony for the best effect possible.

What We Liked: In order to create an entirely organic product, Elixinol has combined organic CBD and organic coconut oil to make this product. It is USDA Certified Organic. For those who find it important to use organic products, you’ll love this CBD tincture.

What We Didn’t Like: The product page nor packaging shown on the page describe how much CBD is in one serving. This makes dosing much harder. While it does say how much CBD is in the whole bottle, you need to do the math yourself to figure it out. We think that they should make dosing easier for customers.

Nuleaf Naturals

Nuleaf uses the CO2 extraction method to extract its CBD from hemp plants. This is one of the safest extraction methods because it doesn’t leave any chemical residue behind, making their products much safer for consumption.

What We Liked: Nuleaf offer third-party lab test results for their products, which are easily available on the product pages. This is great because it offers transparency for consumers to know exactly what is in their products.

What We Didn’t Like: Again, on the packaging of the Nuleaf Products, it is unclear how much CBD you get in one serving. They clearly state how much is in the whole bottle but it’s hard to tell the potency of the dose. We think it should be more clearly labeled on the front of the packaging to make it easier for customers to understand.

RE Botanicals

RE Botanicals take pride in the quality of their products. Their CBD hemp oils include organic hemp and organic coconut oil. The company is glyphosate residue-free as well – glyphosate is a dangerous herbicide that many companies use when growing plants.

What We Liked: If you want to purchase CBD oil from RE Botanicals, you’ll be spoilt for choice. They have their classic oil, or you can go for the peppermint option. Then, there’s their range of sizes and strengths. The potency ranges from 15 – 50mg CBD per serving and they even offer a trial size product as well so you can test it out.

What We Didn’t Like: We thought that RE Botanicals might benefit from experimenting with some more exciting flavors. The classic and peppermint options just don’t really do it for us, so we think they could branch out a little more.


Poplum ensures that all their CBD hemp oil is grown ethically on their own Colorado farm. They offer a 30-day risk-free trial so if you don’t like the products you can get your money back. They also have a subscription service whereby you can get your favorite products delivered to you monthly at a discounted rate. They offer a whole range of premium CBD oils.

What We Liked: Poplum uses natural ingredients in their CBD hemp oil, such as grapeseed oil, coconut oil, hempseed oil, orange oil, and stevia extract. We like that they do not add unnecessary artificial colors, flavors or other artificial products.

Poplum offers a range of potencies in its CBD oil range – 250mg, 500mg, and 1000mg. This is great because you can choose how strong you want your oil according to whether you’re new to CBD or more experienced. It would also depend on how your body responds to it.

What We Didn’t Like: Their CBD oil prices are relatively high. They do use premium ingredients in their oils though so it’s up to you whether you think the higher cost is worth it for a better oil.

Should I Be Concerned About Any Side Effects?

Many people don’t really experience side effects from taking CBD tinctures. However, some people do experience mild reactions. It’s important to purchase high-quality CBD oils to avoid this. Sometimes people are reacting to other ingredients in the oils rather than the CBD itself.

Side effects associated with taking CBD include dry mouth, dizziness, drowsiness, and nausea. If you have certain health conditions, then taking CBD may not be right for you. We recommend that you consult with your doctor before taking it, just to check out that it’s okay for you.

How Can You Buy CBD Oil Tinctures?

The best way to buy CBD oil is also the easiest – online, through the manufacturer’s website. It’s best to buy directly from the company site as this cut out the costs the middlemen add in to make their cut. Buying online is easy and you can have it shipped to your door within a few days. Most manufacturer websites will also contain a lot of information about potency and dose as well. It’s always best to take the recommendations of the creator of the product as they know best how much people should take of their products.

Final Thoughts

We reviewed 5 different CBD oils and found that overall the best CBD oil tinctures were made by FabCBD. They used quality, natural ingredients with no added nasties in their products. They also had a great flavor range.

When you’re choosing a product, make sure that it contains the best ingredients possible. Other deciding factors will include potency, flavor, and trustworthiness of the brand. Make sure you always look for a third-party lab report of the product you’re purchasing to ensure that it is legit.

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