As it has consistently for years, the 2019 National Cost vs. Value Averages report reveals that a kitchen remodel brings the best return of investment (ROI) when it comes to boosting home values with nearly 81 percent of the cost recouped for a minor remodel and just over 62 percent for a major one.

Getting the highest price possible for your property among both experienced buyers and first-time buyers who’ve learned the important initial steps for how to buy a home (without having to shell out an arm and a leg for renovations) may best be accomplished by taking on these DIY projects.

Update Your Fixtures

You can change the look of rooms throughout your home simply by switching up the fixtures. Make your spaces look more updated and elegant so that buyers automatically think “value” by using attractive light fixtures, outlet covers, decorative curtain rods and even doorknobs. Just be sure to use items in finishes and colors that will appeal to most rather than anything too bold or trendy. Every fixture throughout your home should show a cohesive style, making it look up to date and move-in-ready for a relatively low cost.

Make it Smarter

Homebuyers today are looking for smart home features, not only due to convenience, but many can help save on utility bills too which means installing these high-tech devices is practically guaranteed to increase the value of your home. Think smart thermostats that can be controlled from a smartphone to monitor the temperature so that it can be cooled in the summer or heated in the winter just before you walk in from a long day at work. Smart home appliances, locks, security cameras and lights are all a good idea to install too.

Switch Out Window Treatments

If you have paper shades, plastic blinds or other cheap window treatments, not only do they not add value to your home, but they can detract from it as potential buyers may perceive your home as cheaper looking. It doesn’t cost a lot of money to replace them – think wooden blinds, plantation shutters or pretty drapes.

Stain or Paint Cabinets

Buying all new cabinets can be expensive, but if yours are outdated or just plain shabby looking, it’s going to hurt your home’s value. Another option is to stain or paint the cabinets you already have. White paint can help make any room look brighter and even bigger – it doesn’t go out of style and makes it easier for future owners repaint if they want a different color. Clean them thoroughly first, making sure that every bit of residue is gone (especially grease) so that it doesn’t ruin the finished look. You can do this in your kitchen, bathroom and any other room with cabinets.

Replace Carpeting with Wood Flooring

Wall-to-wall carpet is out – most homebuyers today would rather have hardwood floors. While it can be expensive to pay an installer to replace your carpeting with wood flooring, you can do it fairly easily and at a budget-friendly price with the right tools. Remove the carpet, strip, sand and clean the floor, and then stain and seal. While it will take some time and effort, it can really raise the value of your home.

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