Millions of people want to become popular and famous, but few succeed in achieving this goal because most dreamers don’t want to make efforts to achieve this cherished goal. At the beginning of this century, luck smiled to those who were not sitting idly and tried to achieve popularity. A new, unoccupied niche of the mass media opened up – the possibility of creating own diaries (the so-called vlogs) on the global network. And we present you the most popular girls from YouTube which you will definitely want to follow.

1.      Sasha Spilberg

Many men want to start dating a Russian woman. And it is not surprising because these girls are one of the most beautiful and successful. That is why this list is opened by a Russian video blogger. Spilberg is a pseudonym. In an interview, she said that she concluded a “contract” with her parents that no one would know her real surname in exchange for complete freedom on the Internet. Fame on the Internet began after posting several videos in English on YouTube. It was followed by thousands of Americans and her friends on the other side of the earth. This markedly increased her self-esteem, and soon, Sasha thought only about the further development of her project, ceasing to communicate with her family. Because of this, the parents decided to move her to boarding school abroad. But when she came back to Russia, she began posting videos in both Russian and English.

2.      Zoella

The real name of this popular British blogger is Zoe Elizabeth Sugg. The girl not only runs the channel on YouTube which has about 10 million subscribers but also writes books. Her debut novel Girl Online was released in 2014. Her numerous fans like the fact that she creates original and exciting content that always meets the expectations of the audience. And thanks to her collaboration with other bloggers on YouTube and appearances in traditional media, she managed to become even more popular. The real success came to the Zoella channel not so fast (in 2010, the number of subscribers was about a million). But Zoe honed her skills, formed an audience, and searched her way on YouTube. Since the very first video where Zoella told about her room, she didn’t waste her time and searched for a suitable format. Creating original and exciting content that meets the expectations of the audience, Zoella has formed a huge base of active fans. Zoella is a classic YouTube user who has learned how to attract and retain viewers by getting them interested in the content.

3.      MyLifeAsEva

Eva Gutowski from California got 9.5 million viewers around the world with her sincere and touching video blogs. A 24-year-old girl studies in college, and her future profession is a journalist. But she already earns quite well thanks to her popularity on YouTube. She attracts the audience in various ways – she sings karaoke, plays popular games, commenting on them, does something to argue, and answers subscriber questions, shows simple tricks and stunts or jokes on camera. In addition to the channel on YouTube, Eva Gutowski leads her page on Instagram where she posts photos of herself and shares her personal life with subscribers.

4.      Cassey Ho

This girl is a world-class fitness blogger. She became famous for her weight loss story. Cassie is a Pilates teacher. This girl is the founder of POP Pilates. Also, she has own collection of sportswear. Anyway, Cassey herself said that a big part of her income comes from YouTube. After a record number of views of her video tutorials on YouTube, Casey woke up famous. The world got to know about her. So what is the secret of her popularity? She looks like a cheerful girlfriend who inspires people to do a set of exercises and make a healthy salad. The stunning body of this girl saved many of her subscribers from a junk slice of pizza and laziness. Also, the results achieved by Cassey’s followers are the most inspiring thing on her channel. Her photos showing “before and after” clearly demonstrate that everyone can “build” the body of their dreams.

5.      Rosanna Pansino

Rosanna has one of the most popular culinary shows on YouTube – Nerdy Nummies. The girl dreamed of becoming an actress and even appeared in some episodic film roles, but her career on the Internet was much faster and more successful. Rosanna is watched by more than 10 million subscribers, and she herself says that cooking is one of her main passions. However, when Rosanna launch her YouTube channel, she initially didn’t rely on culinary videos. The first months were marked by experiments with various video styles. There were 3-4 videos per month, thanks to which she was able to understand what ideas were successful among people. The eighth video was called “Nerdy Nummies.” It was an unusual combination of game and baking. During the first 30 days, it received 60 thousand views and Roseanna found her niche.

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