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Top 5 Healthy Alternatives to Sugar You Should Start Using

Close to 90% of Americans consume well over the recommended amount of sugar every day. 

Eating too much sugar can slow down your metabolism, cause weight gain and heart problems, and can make you feel incredibly tired. It carries both short and long-term health risks, including acne and a higher risk of diabetes. 

It’s time to cut the cord with sugar – but you still want your life and foods to be sweet. 

Read on to learn about the top healthy alternatives to sugar. 

1. Honey

Dr. Todd Watts from Microbe Formulas explains that when it comes to sugar consumption, Americans are number one in the world. That’s because the average American eats over 126 grams a day. Sugar feeds parasite and candida infection.

In order to keep these infections at bay, try a spoonful of raw honey in your coffee or your recipe instead. Honey isn’t just tasty – it can lower your cholesterol and is filled with antioxidants. 

2. Natural Sweeteners

It’s no secret that artificial sweeteners that are high in aspartame and other chemicals are often just as bad – if not worse – for you than sugar itself. 

However, natural sweeteners, especially those from the Stevia plant, are a much healthier alternative. 

Make the switch today. 

3. Agave Nectar 

Agave nectar is certainly a popular sugar substitute in the health and wellness world, and it’s not hard to see why. 

It’s affordable, seriously delicious, and almost perfectly mimics the taste of sugar. Plus, you don’t need to use a lot to get the taste you want. Agave nectar is a great option especially for those who want to sweeten their morning coffee or tea. 

4. Maple Syrup

Yep, this beloved pancake and waffle topper is also an excellent alternative to sugar. 

This is because it has a much lower overall glycemic index than sugar itself. It also contains zinc, copper, selenium, and magnesium. 

If you want to go the maple syrup route, make sure you buy only a natural and organic product to get the benefits that we mentioned above. 

5. Molasses 

Another one of the best sugar substitutes is molasses. 

This is because, like maple syrup, it’s packed with vitamins and minerals. It too contains high amounts of magnesium, calcium, and vitamin B6. Plus, it makes a healthy alternative to pure cane sugar when you’re cooking or baking. 

Just remember that, as with agave nectar, a little of molasses goes a long way. 

Kick Your Sugar Addiction with These Healthy Alternatives

We hope this post has made you realize that you don’t have to sacrifice sweetness if you want to get off of sugar for good. 

You can instead enjoy these healthy alternatives to sugar while feeling and looking better in the process. 

Looking for more advice about diet swaps you can make to boost your metabolism and ward off dangerous health conditions? Curious about healthy recipes that are accessible to “chefs” of every level? 

We’ve got you covered. 

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