If you’re worried about beach season coming up, you’re probably thinking about how to lose weight. But starving yourself or trying a fad diet that doesn’t work isn’t the way to go about it.

You can lose weight naturally without tricks. Gradual weight loss makes it easier to keep the weight off, too. Set some goals with these 5 best tips for managing your weight, and give yourself a healthier body today.

1. Increase Your Activity

You don’t have to spend hours at the gym doing cardio that makes you sweat buckets to make progress toward your weight loss goals. Instead, focus on making small life choices that bring more activity to your day. 

Try parking farther away on nice days when you don’t mind walking farther to get into a store. The extra steps will add a tiny bit of activity to help you boost your metabolism.

Take the stairs if you only have a flight or two to go. Don’t worry about the stairs if you have to climb 14 stories, but one flight of stairs is an easy choice.

You can even add a 5-minute chair yoga routine to help energize you in the afternoons at work. Only a few minutes of extra exercise can help.

2. Make Healthier Eating Choices

Substituting the cookie you want for a sweet treat like strawberries or other fruit is a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth and make healthier eating choices. You can even try growing your own veggies at home, which gives you a hobby to fill your time and something to care about besides your next snack. If you don’t have space, try container gardening.

Changing your diet is a big step to losing weight. Something like HCG can help you see results right away. Gary Preacher from HCG Diet (https://hcgdiet.com/) explains that the HCG diet is not a fad, as it is a weight loss program created in the 1950s by Dr. Simeons.

3. Don’t Drink Your Calories

Before you make the choice to have the Coke, explore other fizzy options like seltzer or fruit juice choices. These can be healthier and fewer calories so that you can save calories for healthy meals and snacks instead.

Try low-fat milk in your morning coffee instead of cream to help save liquid calories. You could even drink it black if you want to really cut the extra calories. And water is always a healthier, lowest-calorie option.

4. Use Smaller Plates

Instead of starving yourself, trick your mind into thinking your portions are the same with a smaller plate. Use a salad size plate instead of a dinner plate, and fill it up. You’ll eat a little less than usual, but you don’t have to feel bad finishing all the food.

5. Take Care of Mental Health

Sometimes unhealthy eating habits can stem from underlying issues like mental health problems. Talk to a counselor or life coach to see if talking about some of your stress can ease the pressure to eat to feel better.

While not everyone is prone to stress eating, exploring all the options to help you gain self-control over your food habits is always a good idea.

Being Healthier

Increasing exercise and making healthier food choices can help you lose weight naturally. You can also try drinking water instead of soda, and using smaller plates.

Make sure to take care of you when you have your mental health checked out, too. Self-discipline and accomplishing your goals is best when you’re healthy and strong, physically and mentally.

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