If you are in need of BetterHelp or are considering telemedicine counseling teletherapy or remote therapy then you’ll want to look into a few things before you embark on that journey. Anything concerning your health whether it’s physical or mental should be taken seriously. You should always perform the proper research when choosing a certain doctor or form of treatment.

First, let’s explore what exactly is telemedicine or telehealth and how it works.

Telehealth or telemedicine is the distribution or any kind of health-related service or information through electronic channels and other telecommunication technologies. This allows for long-distance interactions between the physician and their patients. These communications include advice, care, reminders, intervention, education, while also monitoring and allowing for remote admissions.

Patients should understand the existence of HIPAA as a piece of legislation that protects their healthcare data from unauthorized access, it is a complex document, and healthcare professionals receive extensive HIPAA training on how to interpret and apply it.

Now let’s explore some of the benefits of using telemedicine.


Let’s face it, in today’s world time is everything. We are all bouncing around and the patience of humanity is at an all-time low. We want instant gratification and many of us are looking for 26 hours in a 24 hour day. So, that’s why telemedicine services can be a great boon to the medical industry. It will reduce the time you spend in a medical center by up to two hours according to a pilot study done on the program.

Special Services

When it comes to special services such as child abuse or mental health some states don’t have the resources to perform assessments for the many in need. With telemedicine, the playing field is expanded so to speak and it allows for remote assessments to patients. This means someone may be in Biloxi for instance and can give an assessment for someone in Jackson or Tupelo.


The emergence of telemedicine is allowing for health care systems and facilities to start enterprising. Studies show that those who have turned to enterprising have increased productivity by up to 30 percent. Organizations that have used enterprising to their benefit are UMMC Center for Telehealth, Mercy Virtual, and St. Luke’s Health System.

Better Health

Using telemedicine is seen to promote the health of the whole population both directly and in an ancillary manner. Telemedicine helps to bring a wider scope of where physicians and clinicians can treat their patients. It also helps to reduce crowding and wait times in Emergency Rooms or Urgent Care Clinics. Since there are fewer people being seen by live staff this creates more time and space which helps those in need.

Cutting Costs

After the initial investment of making the switch to telemedicine groups or facilities utilizing it will see costs reduced. The aforementioned time saved is one way and other ways are in equipment costs. Banner Health invested $2,000 in telemedicine equipment that would have cost upwards of $35,000 otherwise.

With technology moving so fast the world is changing quickly each and every day, and the same can be said for the way we are treating patients in the health field.

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