Millennials are creatures like no other. As such, they have completely transformed the Internet landscape and the ways one can earn money online via trading in forex. If you’re a millennial looking to make extra bucks on the side, then this blog is for you. Even if you’re not a millennial, you can still benefit from them.

Here are the top 7 ways

#1 Completing tasks online

What do we mean by tasks? It can be anything from filling out surveys and clicking on ads to watching videos, completing free-trial offers, and shopping online. Of course, you will not become the next Bill Gates in terms of making a fortune on these, but you can get yourself a decent wage with such tasks. 

Some of the best money making apps for tasks are MyPoints, Swagbucks, Pinecone Research, and InboxDollars. If you’re short on the time you can spare, this is a good option to consider.

#2 Taking pictures of receipts

As a non-millennial, that might sound a bit strange. You have been around receipts all your life, they are stacked in your pocket, and you can’t wait to throw them away. What is the monetary benefit of taking pictures of them, you might ask? Well, it’s a very real one. 

There are companies that want you to take pictures of your receipts, and they pay you for it. The app store is flooded with them! Some of the best money making apps for receipt scanning are Ebates, Dosh, and Ibotta.

How do they work?

It is generally pretty simple. You have to register (most apps provide that for free), make a purchase, take a picture of the receipt (it could be anything from PlayStations to cucumbers), and cash out.

The reason you get money back is because, upon registration, you agree to share your purchasing information with the app. The app managers then sell that data to companies who use it as market research. It is all anonymous, so none of that information can be traced back to you in any way. 

#3 YouTube-ing

All it takes is a quick YouTube search to see that vloggers are spreading like wildfire. The channel is literally on fire, and there will be at least one vlogger that comes to your mind who you avidly follow. 

Video content is the most popular type of content online, and some YouTubers cash in 

Thousands of dollars through ads and paid promotions. Of course, it takes all your time and effort to join the elite, and competition has never been more intense, but millennials are all over it. 

#4 Freelance Writing & Blogging

You have surely come across the popular saying that “Content is king.” It’s true. And brands are paying those who have the talent, grammar, voice, and style to write all kinds of copy for a variety of audiences. 

If you have a passion for writing and want to do more than freelancing for another company, you can become a blogger. Blogging is still one of the most powerful ways that entrepreneurial millennials are using to make money. The secret to success is in having something to say in a specific niche. 

#5 App Development

It is simple. If you have the skills and creative brain for the job, you can develop apps sipping on a cocktail somewhere in Hawaii or The Philippines. 

The app market is an extremely saturated one, and the majority of new apps fail. If you’re considering giving this a try, be better than the rest and start with thorough research. Ideas are great, but if they are not backed by data, they are a waste of resources.

#6 Trading on eBay, Amazon & Other Platforms

With more and more shoppers going online, the idea of a physical store becomes more and more obsolete, especially if you lack the initial investment resources. No matter if you’re buying and reselling for a profit, selling your handmade art, or anything else really, platforms like eBay and Amazon are the hub of online e-commerce.

#7 Video Game Live Streaming

If you’re an avid gamer, this may sound like the dream job to you. And it probably is. You get the benefit of playing, and the paying viewers get to enjoy watching you play. Of course, much like with influencer marketing, you need to build your authority. Not just every video game player gets to do it for money. This is not utopia after all. 
There are many other ways millennials are making money on the Internet today, and new and more lucrative options emerge every week. Millennial or not, there is a lot you can earn from the time you spend in the online world. The trick is in knowing how. Just think about it.

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