Every student has a smartphone these days. Some people consider them as time-consuming devices that distract students from studying. However, I want to share some apps that will help you to do your homework quickly and effortlessly.

Check the list below


It is a well-known app among students who always require accounting homework help. It provides the ability to resolve any equation in a few clicks. Just open the Photomath app on your smartphone, capture a handwritten text, and hit the red button. After this, the application will turn the scanned text into an equation into the inbuilt calculator and resolve it for you. Also, it will show you the steps of getting the correct answer.

Wolfram Alpha

It is a professional app that also uses engineers and scientists. The Wolfram Alpha algorithms can resolve almost any task in algebra, geometry, physics, chemistry, etc. In short, this application can become a great assistant in every niche. By using this app, you can resolve trigonometry tasks, check current and historical weather, count mortgages, and sales taxes with ease.

Microsoft Math Solver

Download this app and stop asking your friends – “who can do my math homework?”. This application is an advanced tool for students. It foresees the option to scan, type, or draw equations and get them resolved in a few seconds. Among the correct answer, this app delivers a step-by-step explanation of how to solve a math problem. Also, it can build math graphics and provide video-lessons on the related topic.

IELTS Essays

Do you want to increase your writing skills and discover how to write a hook for an essay? This application is for you. This education app will provide you with guidelines on how to pick up a topic for an article, brainstorm your ideas, outline your paper, etc. Also, the app offers a lot of examples of high-quality essays. Therefore, you’ll be able to improve your writing skills by reading some articles from professional writers every day.

The Homework App

Do you experience any problems with time management? If so, this app is a must-have for you. It is one of the best planning apps for keeping track of assignments. Download this app and create your study calendar. The app will keep you notified about upcoming tasks, and help you to stay top of your homework.


It is a top-rated app from the Google company. It can capture math problems by using a camera and bring a solution simultaneously. By using this app, you can access an extensive database with online educational resources. For instance, you can search for hooks in writing in this app and get dozens of college essay creation guides. The tutorials imply catchy images that help to explain particular processes simple.

Grammarly Keyboard

In case you’re looking for a great app that will correct your spelling in real-time, download the Grammarly keyboard. It works as well as the default keyboard. However, it will help you to write with confidence by providing one-click and straightforward mistake corrections.

Slader Homework Answers

Do you want to know how to write a good hook? Access the database with millions of answers. The Slader app is an online platform where you can find free textbook solutions for all subjects. Only expert writers answer all the questions there. Therefore, you can be sure that you will get the correct answer to your question.

Final Recommendation

Remember that homework help apps are used to assist students. Don’t use these apps to cheat and get your homework done in a few minutes. Use the apps from this selection only if you don’t know how to reach an answer or want to check yourself.

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