Have a business trip to Toronto soon and want to know how you can get the most out of the city? During your search for corporate housing in Toronto, take some time to research some of the best bars downtowns that will help you stay relaxed after work.

Here are our recommendations, though there are certainly more in the rich city of Toronto.

Bar Chef

This intimate location is excellent for a first date. The dark interior lit by candles features antique apothecary bottles as decorations. The location is famous for its $50 manhattan cocktail that’s served in a smokey jar. A hickory smell complements the smooth finish.

Bar Raval

Here’s a Spanish-inspired bar with a covered patio that you’d love to visit after work. Enjoy the sophisticated cocktail selection with canned seafood and other bar foods. The wooden interior is inviting enough to let you wind down during a long day.

Bar Reyna

Headed by previous restaurant owner Nicki Laborie, the Bar Reyna is a center for Mediterranean-inspired drinks and foods. Enjoy late-night cocktails here inside a stylish yet contemporary environment with plants and a copper bar.

Birreria Volo

Enjoy some beer on tap in this wonderful location in Little Italy. The Cantina cellar houses beers of all kinds, from spurs to wild yeast. Everything is served in a wine glass to encourage sipping and slow enjoyment. There’s also a communal table to encourage conversation.

The Broadview Hotel Rooftop

The Broadview Hotel offers one of the best patios in the city, with a full 360-degree view of the CN Tower. The building itself has a rich past and was even used as a strip club at one point.

C’est What

For a taste of some local craft beers, this St. Lawrence Market bar and restaurant has a variety of whiskies, cocktails, and local wines from the province. Use the fireplaces in the basement to get cozy after a long workday or relax on the weekends with live music and a game of pool.

Cocktail Bar

The simple title of this bar reflects in the laid-back atmosphere. All kinds of beers, wines, and (of course) cocktails are available for any relaxing evening.

Cold Tea

While the Cold Tea bar can be difficult to find, it’s well worth the effort. It’s located in the back of a mall in Kensington Market, marked by a red light above the door. The menu is a combination of Asian and South American flavors. The drinks are simple yet delightful, ranging from high-end liquors to local draft beer on tap.

Good Fortune Bar

Interested in a more retro take on alcohol? The 80s Miami style of this bar is exemplified by the pink wallpaper and neon lights lining the walls. Try a delicious burger or a retro beverage to the tune of some robust music while you’re here.

Mahjong Bar

Here’s another retro bar that’s inspired by the game of Mahjong, as the name suggests. The diverse selection of cocktails here, combined with a kitchen serving Sichuan fried chicken, gives you plenty to do in the off-hours. On weekends, you might even choose to go to parties with a DJ and a dance floor.

Paris Paris

Whether you need a drink in the day or at night, Paris Paris has an exciting wine list for you to try out. The bar is incredibly community-focused, as it’s not uncommon to share tables here. The location is famous for hosting special wine nights with sommeliers.

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Make your business trip to Toronto a relaxing and productive one. Not only are the bars and pubs here diverse and delightful, but finding the best corporate housing in the city is easy too when you work with Toronto Luxury Suites.

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